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  1. Amendment is being rejected due to IND-941-01 error code (locked SSN for a deceased person) Is the only course of action to paper file the amendment (amending due to a late received Partnership K-1)?
  2. Are you saying that for DocuSign there must be two unique emails if there are two signatures requested?
  3. This is what I’m doing as well. Thought I would explore other options. It seems most individuals are familiar with docusign or authentisign (at least in our area) and thought this may be a simpler solution for those who don’t have a way to scan back to their computer.
  4. Is anyone using the ATX eSign feature? Need some insight into how it works, etc.
  5. Pacun, I have a return that was transmitted 4:25 eastern time yesterday and still showing "Transmitted to EFC". Wondering if ATX is having a problem?
  6. See Abby Normals separate post from yesterday about an alternative solution.
  7. It appears I was a little hasty in declaring victory- client mail slip in landscape is smudging bar code. Not printing clearly. Oh well, that support case is still open.
  8. It appears that re-installing the software has fixed the barcode issue. Thanks to all for your help
  9. Not sure I want to reinstall the software here in March although I do have multiple client file backups. I may download software to my laptop to see. Thx for the advice.
  10. I know that but it’s a pita that now I am getting the following: (123456) instead of an actual barcode. So I override that field on the client mail slip by deleting the six digit code. Just a pain. I did open a support case - expecting that call later this decade!
  11. search online in ATX or just in general
  12. it's happening when I click on the client mail tab on the left. The mail slip opens in the middle of the computer screen and that's where I see the (xxxxxx) 6-digit mail code instead of the bar code. I'm not previewing to print anything, just viewing the tabs on the left.
  13. the crazy thing is that the bar code issue is happening in the program (meaning as I am viewing the client mailing slip on the screen)
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