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  1. Abby - there are 3 zip files on techpowerup's site - do we need all 3?
  2. Getting the unexpected error - need to shutdown more frequently - 16GB ram - I have been watching memory usage - max usage was to 800MB by ATX and then it wants to shutdown- any ideas or solutions?
  3. Thanks Terry D - all these years and never thought of cutting the folders for the rare tax return that is too large. I have a box of fastener prongs that I could use with the top and bottom folder pieces. Never too old to learn!!!!
  4. Any other tax covers being used for larger returns?
  5. Historically use Nelco tax covers with the two windows centered. Is there a way to print the federal cover sheet with top window (which shows Federal Tax Return, Customer name and the year to the left and the second window remain in the center?
  6. Congrats Abby!!! I vote for the wine bar.
  7. Assuming when a property is listed that a real estate agent pulls comparable sales when determining the listing price, then paying closing costs, rather than reducing price helps maintain the real estate values in the area.
  8. What about a sole proprietor forming a single-member LLC - I wonder if that would qualify as a pass-thru for the 15% rate? Possibly not, no K-1 reporting flow thru items?
  9. 5 days with family, in October, should be the priority - clients don't hesitate to take off in Jan - April 15 each year do they?
  10. This is exactly where I'm at in my career - not about the money - wanting to do enough to keep my mind active, stay up on individual tax laws and cover the software and research costs. Full-time work as a company controller.
  11. I am a controller full-time. Went home for lunch and checked on e-file status - "accepted"
  12. Client wanted to e-file this year - so we did; however, I forgot to remove the Form 8948 (which rolled over from last year); not at my office today - wondering if it will be rejected? Any thoughts?
  13. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks Eric!!!
  14. Is it normal to receive an IRS phone call follow-up to a CAF&& request?
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