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  1. Bart

    New LLC

    You only need to file the 2553.
  2. It is a residence so it is residential.
  3. Yes. Sorry. M-1
  4. It is an schedule M-2 adjustment. Income on the books not included in the tax return.
  5. No reporting necessary
  6. Bart


    Is partner A taking QBI?
  7. What type of entity got the PPP forgiven?
  8. Earnings since the first retirement contribution was made.
  9. Client purchased equipment in 2019 and 2020. All equipment was set up as capital leases and bonus depreciation and section 179 were taken on those assets. In 2021 we find out that these are actually operating leases. Can we amend 2019 and 2020 or should we file a change in accounting method?
  10. If the IRS did not like the carryback to 2015 consider that none of the loss was used in 2015 and carry it to 2016 and see what happens.
  11. Sounds like the IRS is processing their paper check as an electronic check and withdrawing the funds from their account.
  12. Kansas City BBQ fried is best but cannot think any better than any of you.
  13. Bart

    K-1 from 1065

    basis worksheet
  14. I do not use ATX but it seems to me there must be something on the estimated tax screen that is not factoring in what was withheld in the current year. Sorry can't be more help.
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