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  1. Bart

    Tax Prep Fees still not Paid

    On another board there was a thread similar to this. One guy over there suggested sending a letter to the client stating if they did not pay they would contact the IRS and ask to be removed as paid preparer. They also pointed out that that would cause the IRS to take their return out of the usual processing routine and could possible cause their return to be reviewed more closely.
  2. Bart

    It's Already Started

    In Missouri you can get a food pantry credit for donating food. There is a limit on the amount of the credit each year so if you are not in early enough you don't get the credit since it has all been given away. I have a client who donates a lot of food to our local food pantry. Twice now Missouri asked for support for the withholding. By the time the return got processed Missouri said he was too late for the credit.
  3. Bart

    Late Filing of Form 2553

    You are suppose to file the 2553 now and with the tax return.
  4. Bart

    Deceased Client's Tax Refunds

    POA's are worthless for everything to everyone when the person dies. POA's die with the person.
  5. Bart

    Catch-22 SEHI PTC

    The amount of the SEHI is the full premium without subtracting any PTC or APTC.
  6. Bart

    NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    Made myself scrambled eggs since i make the best scrambled eggs ever
  7. Bart

    yes tax: sad story serious loss

    I tried to like this twice but it would not do it
  8. Bart

    N/T - Random thoughts & stuff

    My nephew told his watch he was at a certain bar and where was the closest liquor store. The watch said it would call him a taxi.
  9. Bart

    income to closed S Corp

    There is a check box at the top of page two of the 1120S that indicates the accounting method used.
  10. Bart

    July 1, 1946 Birthday

    I always thought it was because his parents lost out on the personal exemption by a few hours in the beginning so they gave it back to him at the end.
  11. I thought all estate assets got a step up or down to market value on date of death. Selling price should establish market value if close enough to date of death.
  12. Bart

    July 1, 1946 Birthday

    My fathers date of birth was January 1st. Only thing I know about that was he was considered to have turned sixty five on December 31 of the previous year instead of the January 1 he really turned.
  13. How do I get everyone to like this so jklcpa wins
  14. Thank you. Thank you. Only shared my story because all of you keep me going with your stories.
  15. Bart

    LA Corporate return - ACT 123 and DPAd

    Sounds even better that politricks