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  1. We applied for both. Our bank is using us as it's test case for the PPP.
  2. Bart

    PPP scenario

    I was referring to EIDL and PPP as the two I know of best. A business can get both.
  3. Are you limited to only applying for one type of assistance?
  4. Bart

    1031 exchange

    I am trying to do a partial 1031 Exchange on a rental house held in a partnership. I can not seem to get Form 8824 to calculate the taxable portion correctly. Rental house sale price $200,000. Basis $140,000. Only purchased a new Rental for $170,000. Original Purchase price of Property sold $150,000
  5. Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri are shutting down midnight Monday
  6. Leave it to Intuit to keep giving us maddening programs.
  7. There is income in excess of $600 since they sold stock for $4000.
  8. Bart


    Did someone on here ask me about Timeslips?
  9. Not black balled. You are a sixth degree black belt
  10. My friend asked me what I saw myself doing tomorrow. I said that is a silly question. Do you think I have 2020 vision?
  11. From another tax talk board they got a transcript from eservices a half hour ago.
  12. Try Notice 2011-26, Administrative Exemptions to the Specified Tax Return Preparer Electronic Filing Requirement
  13. Bart

    2020 PTIN

    My two sons were born February 28 and March 4. Sounds like me and my wife get reacquainted in the summer after deadline
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