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  1. You can deduct 3000 loses on capital losses. That has nothing to do with passive.
  2. UI does apply to each spouse but the exempt amount is 10,200 each for a total of 20,400.
  3. If the 2021 unemployment bill exempts the first 10,200 of 2021 benefits then it will not help 2020 unemployment anyway
  4. I will take that bet Pacun
  5. What version of Acrobat? Is it Acrobat Pro?
  6. Perhaps we are not making ourselves clear. The real estate taxes on his personal residence are NOT an add back in Missouri.
  7. Is the $2700 of real estate tax non residential?
  8. What line on the MO NRI is the real estate tax being added back?
  9. Debit: AAA $1,000 Debit: Shareholder Draw (I would debit S/H A/R) $55,000 Credit: Cash $56,000
  10. I meant to have the client log on to set up their account to find out how much stimulus they got not for us to do it for them.
  11. https://sa.www4.irs.gov/eauth/pub/login.jsp?Data=VGFyZ2V0TG9BPUY%3D&TYPE=33554433&REALMOID=06-00029c6a-0543-17b0-89b8-163b0acf40c7&GUID=&SMAUTHREASON=0&METHOD=GET&SMAGENTNAME=UOkC7yx4eMTO24FGxPfBRb5q3Mj3Xh3pyXfBEjYyHJ97nGCXu16wx5MzFHjfZmlG&TARGET=-SM-HTTPS%3a%2f%2fsa.www4.irs.gov%2fola%2f%3fGMP%3d1 Set up a user name an password. Answer a few stupid questions and it will tell you how much they got and when. irs.gov has a link to it also i think.
  12. Right click on the downloaded file and go to open with
  13. MO conforms to federal. PPP not taxable. Expenses deductible.
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