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  1. If the IRS did not like the carryback to 2015 consider that none of the loss was used in 2015 and carry it to 2016 and see what happens.
  2. Sounds like the IRS is processing their paper check as an electronic check and withdrawing the funds from their account.
  3. Kansas City BBQ fried is best but cannot think any better than any of you.
  4. Bart

    K-1 from 1065

    basis worksheet
  5. I do not use ATX but it seems to me there must be something on the estimated tax screen that is not factoring in what was withheld in the current year. Sorry can't be more help.
  6. I was talking about XYZ doing the closing of the books or proration based on days of ownership not ABC. ABC Inc and ABC LLC will get their own K-1 with their share of profit and loss. Who of the three entities do you prepare taxes?
  7. You do a closing of the books on date of ownership change or you prorate the whole year by number of days owned.
  8. Are you trying to restore on a network?
  9. I will look when I can but I am out of the office this week.
  10. Son's trust does get a stepped up basis five years later.
  11. Why and how did the trust receive property from someone who was not the grantor
  12. There are two ways to opt out of ACTC. One of those was by using ID.me.
  13. That exempt income should increase basis
  14. Bart

    Auditor in NJ

    Can they afford a $200,000.00 fee? Maybe per year.
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