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  1. That exempt income should increase basis
  2. Bart

    Auditor in NJ

    Can they afford a $200,000.00 fee? Maybe per year.
  3. I can think of a few reasons to opt out
  4. If the EIN is sent as a part of the efile the IRS can easily check the EINs
  5. All of the transcripts I have pulled showed the EIN for any payor listed.
  6. I would think that "flipped" property was not like kind to rental property
  7. With Ford, General Mills and Land there is reporting when sold. There is no reporting with any BitCoin transactions.
  8. Glad you solved your problem Rita. Once upon a time I did a print screen and pasted it into Word and it worked.
  9. You can deduct 3000 loses on capital losses. That has nothing to do with passive.
  10. UI does apply to each spouse but the exempt amount is 10,200 each for a total of 20,400.
  11. If the 2021 unemployment bill exempts the first 10,200 of 2021 benefits then it will not help 2020 unemployment anyway
  12. I will take that bet Pacun
  13. What version of Acrobat? Is it Acrobat Pro?
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