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Found 1 result

  1. A few years ago I moved to NH from MA. I was a CPA financial advisor. Two years ago I sold my financial services practice to a young advisor in MA. Most of my clients were both tax and financial clients so I still work closely with the advisor. The time has come to get out of the tax practice as well. My biggest client is a wealthy family group with numerous partnership, trust and individual returns. I work closely with the family member who does the family's bookkeeping and oversees the family's investments. He prepares all the returns for the family utilizing ATX and I review them. I would like to find a tax preparer in MA who would be willing to work with this family in particular, as well as take over any other tax clients, AND who would be interested in working closely with the financial advisor who took over my clients. It is important that he have a relationship with a tax expert, and I think most tax preparers would like to have a relationship with a financial advisor that they can trust. I got into the financial services business because I was tired of referring clients to brokers who churned accounts or life insurance agents who sold everyone a whole life insurance policy and 4 proprietary mutual funds whether the client was 20,40, 60 or 80! This advisor does currently work for a small independent broker dealer and is insurance licensed, but he is predominantly fee based (vs. commission) and he does right by his clients. He is the advisor for my extended family; that's how much I respect and trust him. All of the tax work with this large family group is done electronically (review copies of returns, supporting documentation, and export files are sent back and forth). Almost all of the other tax preparation work is done through the mail. In total I prepare less than 100 returns. More than anything I'm looking for someone that will take good care of my clients and that can work with this advisor for many years to come. Please respond if this may be an opportunity in which you'd be interested.
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