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How long does EIN stay with estate?


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Client just found out her late father had a life insurance policy. He passed away in 2009. Final 1041 was filed in 2010. Is the EIN still assigned to that estate or does it get cancelled after the final 1041?

Beneficiary of policy is the estate. Can the EIN still be used or do they need to apply for a new one?

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I would probably not file a 1041 but if I did I would use the same EIN. It's not taxable income to the estate but it could be considered gross income. I would just distribute it to the beneficiaries of the estate unless it could cause an estate tax reporting.

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Thanks OldJack.

I figured there was no 1041 requirement. However the insurance company is requesting an EIN.

(This will require an amendment to the only 706 I've ever done. I was really hoping to never see that puppy again.)

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