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Casualt Loss On Sch C Depreciable Assets - 4684?


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I have a small business owner (sch c) that has a casualty loss on leasehold improvements. It been a while since I visited this subject and assumed it would go on a 4684 but the form states personal use - not used in a trade or business or income producing property.

Any help is appreciated.

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Try F4864 Page 2 Section B Business and Income Producing Property.

I've only done this once (last year) so I'm not an expert. Also I've not done anything with leasehold property -- that's why I didn't respond before.

I did notice that when I was putting all the 2011 info in TaxWise for this return, it didn't let me add multiple pages. It took 3 pages in TaxWorks to list the 11 stolen assets. I don't know if 2012 will have the same limitation.

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