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E-file using ATX 2013 and ATX 2012

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Since I switched to ProSeries will I be able to e-file 2012 and 2013 returns prepared in ATX when e-filing is open?

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At some point when ATX realizes that you are no longer a current user and haven't purchased the current year, your access to their server will be cut off and you will no longer be able to update your programs or e-file through them. You should be cut off from the official forum too, but CCHSFS has been lax in tracking down former users that have still had access for a long period after switching to another vendor.  You will still be able to access portions of MyATX that will allow you to see your purchase history, download/install year's you have purchased, and see the install codes.


If you have your ATX programs set to automatically check for updates when the programs launch, that will stop the program from starting up once you are cut off from that server. If you are still able to start it with this function in place, I'd suggest that you make sure all each year's program is updated now and then shut off that automatic update feature.

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