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Amending prior years in ATX


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Since I didn't renew with ATX for the 2014 tax year, will I still be able to amend prior year tax returns that were prepared in ATX? Will my prior year ATX programs still be updated?


For example, if I have to amend a 2011 tax return that was originally prepared in ATX, will I still be able to use the amend feature and prepare the amended return using ATX2011? Or will forms not be updated since I no longer have an ATX subscritpion?


Or am I better off preparing all amended returns in ProSeries?



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Yes, you will still be able to use the programs and be able to prepare amended returns and any other returns for paper filing. When ATX realizes you haven't renewed for the current year, you will be cut off from their server for any e-filings.  When you are finally cut off, you will no longer be able to update the programs or forms.  I answered that in your other topic too.

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I talked to an ATX rep today and told him I was not renewing. So ATX will realize I am not renewing and I will no longer be able to update the program or forms. Therefore, if I understand you correctly, soon I probably won't be able to amend tax returns prepared in ATX programs.

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Your ATX programs will still be fully functional for preparing original late filed returns and amended returns to be filed on paper. No e-filing through the program though.  And if you are worried about why the prior year programs had to be updated recently, that was because of and IRS required change to the schema format. All vendors had that, not just ATX, but paper filing wouldn't have been affected by that; they would be processed properly.


As I said before, I'd suggest you do one last update to each year's program and then go to each year's preference setting and change each of those to NOT auto update at start up. If you don't turn the auto update function off, the programs will try to connect to the ATX server and will complete the start up process and will not load.

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When using the manual update feature in those earlier years by clicking an icon at the top, I remember there was a check box at the top (maybe on the right?) of the box that opened that said something like "check for program updates" that allowed those updates to download at the same time as form updates. I'd make sure that is unchecked, and also make the appropriate selection/deselection in the preferences for shutting off the automatic updating of forms.


Sorry that's the best I can remember. I have only back to 2009 loaded on my machine at the current time.  If that isn't correct, and since this is related to ATX and not Pro Series, you should post the question in the main forum in general chat.

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