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Enrolled but didn't finish classes?


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Client's daughter stopped attending college classes in April 2014, but didn't officially drop out. Got incompletes in her classes. Moved back in with mom, and got a job, made over $3950. Under age 24.

So, does she qualify as a dependent by virtue of the fact that she was enrolled in classes for 5.5 months, but didn't actually GO to classes for 5.5 months?

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Student ...who during any part of 5 calendar

months of 2014 was enrolled as a full-time student at a school,

or took a full-time, on-farm training course given by a school or

a state, county, or local government agency....




The question is really if the school would still consider this child an enrolled student for the month of May since this child stopped attending in May.  It is possible that this child will be considered a student for the full semester after a certain date (where the student may not drop or change courses) and the fact that the student stopped attending and didn't complete the course may be irrelevant. I think KC had the right idea to check with the school or its website for its policy of uncompleted courses and when the person ceases to be a student.

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Nothing wrong with having Is as a grade. That grade will become F and there is nothing wrong with that either in order to claim the credit. Are you sure she didn't provide more than 50% for her own support and child will qualify for education credit?

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