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Bacon ipsum dolor amet salami brisket andouille, pork chop pork belly pancetta short ribs beef ribs shoulder tongue pork loin venison shankle kevin. Hamburger filet mignon beef ribs t-bone turducken shoulder prosciutto picanha ham. Cupim short ribs bresaola, tongue andouille turducken swine pig. Doner shoulder meatloaf pancetta capicola rump.

Ground round corned beef kielbasa alcatra rump. Jerky picanha cupim, chicken beef jowl meatloaf venison tail landjaeger short ribs ground round pork belly. Hamburger fatback short ribs tongue chuck. Frankfurter pig boudin, ball tip filet mignon bacon meatloaf pork loin beef ribs strip steak landjaeger rump shankle short loin. Swine tail kevin meatloaf, cupim pancetta filet mignon landjaeger sirloin beef ribs biltong strip steak.

Pancetta picanha meatloaf turducken. Rump capicola pig ham. Filet mignon ball tip kielbasa, prosciutto pork belly chuck beef ribs. Rump short ribs capicola drumstick alcatra landjaeger pork loin salami tail tenderloin picanha. Ball tip shankle meatball spare ribs t-bone cupim frankfurter kielbasa turducken pork chuck fatback ground round shank. Chicken landjaeger pastrami alcatra.

EDIT: Test

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I signed out and came back to this topic, and I couldn't see the line indicating the edit had been made.  Either the change you made has worked or your assumption that we continue to see it because we have the additional privilege is correct.

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Eric, how COULD you?!?!


Now I want bacon.  And steak.  And a grilled burger.  And lots of other yummies that I should not eat  - at least, not all at once!

Next time you feel the need to do something like this, use chores like dusting and laundry as your list.  Or (if you think people will then feel guilty), something innocuous like plant names.  



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There's a chunk of Latin filler text that's very commonly used in graphic design, called Lorem Ipsum.  It visually flows like real copy would, better than a bunch of unnatural looking random character gibberish, but doesn't distract the viewer with unimportant (at that point in the design process) details/meaning.

This is a variation on that called Bacon Ipsum--apparently it only satisfies the first requirement for good filler text but fails miserably for being a distraction.

And now I'm hungry too.

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