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Missing Client Info feature in ProSeries

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I just discovered the missing client information feature in ProSeries even though it has been around since at least 2014.  If a client is missing an item, such as real estate tax or mortgage interest or a dividend, you can just right click on that line item on the form and it automatically transfers that line item and description to a missing information list which can be printed or e-mailed to the client.  Also, you can change the description of each missing item to make it even more specific such as "interest income from Chase bank."  When the client has a missing information list, a red exclamation point appears in front of the client name in Homebase and also the missing information form opens up when you open the client.

Each missing item has a checkbox in front for the preparer to check off when the item comes in and, when you click on the item, the program takes you right to the form and line where the information goes.  

Many of my clients are drop offs or mail ins, and this feature saves me a ton of time!

I just thought I would mention it here in case others have not discovered it yet.

Here is what the printed or e-mailed version looks like.  Pretty neat!!


   DATE: 1/29/2016

Subject: Information required to complete your tax return


Please send me the following information at your earliest convenience to ensure timely filing of your tax return

 1) Form 1040:  Individual: Federal Information Worksheet: Taxpayer occupation
 2) Form 1040:  Individual: Federal Information Worksheet: Taxpayer birthdate
 3) Form 1040:  Individual: Federal Information Worksheet: Taxpayer license number
 4) Form 1040:  Individual: Social Security Benefits Worksheet: Line C Taxpayer
 5) Form 1040:  Individual: Capital Gain Detail Entry Wks: Cost or Adjusted Basis (2) fort EXXON



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