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Hope someone can help.  I have a client who is separated from his wife.  They had a shared policy thru Covered California.  They will be filing married filing separate and we are trying to do the shared policy allocation worksheet.  Everything is to be split 50% and because they are filing separate they do not qualify for the credit and must pay back the advance payment.  When I do an error check it is telling me that the Shared Policy Allocation section should not be completed unless the policy is being shared with a taxpayer not included on this tax return, please remove the information from Part IV.

The only thing I can see is that I have to include her Social Security number and name as Married filing Separate.  I don't see any way around this.  Anyone else have a thought?

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Sounds like that could be the problem and is possibly something that isn't working properly in the program. Perhaps a call to ATX support is warranted.

Not to ask the obvious, but if you filed a joint return LY and rolled that over, you have checked to make sure you have changed the filing status to MFS, right?

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There was a bug in the form.  They updated it and now it works!  I posted on the other forum and at first they tried to tell me it couldn't be done that they had to file jointly and his wife couldn't be found, but after explaining to them that IRS had an example in their instructions that matched my situation exactly, they decided to take a second look and have now removed the error message!

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Although I can see that your email indicates you are an accountant in a law firm, your username and the fact that you revived a 4 yaer old topic may lead members here to assume that you are someone from the public that has stumbled onto this site.  When that happens, we ignore the person and the post. 

I've been away from the ATX program for a few years now, but if iirc, ATX does not allow "zero" as an allocation. There have been posts more recent than this topic where users mentioned that ATX program will accept 1 through 99. I'm not sure if that will solve your problem though.  

Do you have a specific question for us?

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