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California Multi-state Return Help Needed


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I need help in preparing my first California multi-state return.  Client lived in Illinois for the first 6 months of the year. She moved to California as of June 1 and resides there permanently.  Client made 100k in 2015.  40k earned while living in Illinois, 60k earned while she moved to California.  

For the California Part Year resident return, will the client be taxed on all wages earned or just the CA piece?  If an adjustment is to be made, on what schedule is this done on?  I understand the Illinois piece, the CA part is what I am unclear on.


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Thanks Joan for posting this. The CA NR hadn't crossed my mind. Wouldn't it be a toss up as to which State the person would be a non-resident of? The OP stated 6 mo in Illinois and 6 mo in CA. What is CA's criteria that establishes residency? Wouldn't it be better to file CA as a resident and Illinois as a part year or non-resident due to the fact the tax payer made CA their permanent residence? I'm probably messing this up and in no way am I suggesting it should be done this way. Iinquiring minds want to know.

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