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Penalty Relief?

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Taxpayer, married 2 children. Wife had family coverage through her employer Jan-Jun. Family moved in July when husband got new job-no medical coverage. Wife did not work after June 2017; stayed home to care for children. H&W got coverage thru Market Place Aug-Dec. Application for coverage to include children was re-routed to MO Medicaid. After 4 month delay they only gave taxpayer's one week deadline to provide additional documentation. Unfortunately, they were out of town and did not get the notice until time to reply had expired. Result-no coverage for the children from Jul-Dec. They finally did get full family coverage starting in Jan 2018. Any relief for penalty in 2017?


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Mom and dad should get short gap exclusion but the kids won't, however the pnalty for the kids is less than if it was the parents (at least that' the way I remember it, haven't looked at it recently, my brain is a bit foggy.).

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