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Margaret CPA in OH

ATX pay per return

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Since tax year 1997 I have been using MAX or equivalent having both personal and business returns.  This included the Payroll program.  When I renewed for 2018, I realized with client attrition and downsizing that I needed only 3 1041's and 1 1065 so consulted my account rep.  I was told the pay per return cost was $54 each so decided that was the less expensive way to go.  $699 + $216 vs $1649.  Today in installing a second copy on my laptop (3 hours on hold for support but worth it - got a lot of other stuff done), I discovered that I also had Payroll so downloaded and installed and activated.

After I rolled over a client, up pops the pay per return box showing I have no money.  So I had to figure out how to do that and how much I needed. When researching, it appears as though there is a $249 license fee PLUS $300 non-refundable deposit from which payments are deducted.  So it appears as though I have to pay $549 upfront for $376 of business returns, couple of extra states beyond 3 and some 1099's.  Or am I not reading this correctly?

I tried to call sales but no answer.  I really don't want to spend now $1248 but neither do I want to spend $1649.  Am I misunderstanding this?  Do I sort of already have the license since I have the 1040 and just need to pay for the extras?  Retirement looks better every. single. day!

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