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Server workstation setup under VPN

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I have installed ATX on a server, and I am trying to install ATX on a personal laptop to have it work as a workstation conected to that server.

Currently the laptop is not on premise, and I have it VPN to the private network. 

The laptop is able to ping the server and even able to map the network drive of the server; however, ATX is unable to detect the ATX server during the installation.

Network discovery is turned on.

I have tried using the private IP of the remote server and the DNS in vain. ATX always fails to discover the server.

Did anyone encounter a similar issue?
How did you solve it?

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When we installed ATX 2017 on our server in 2018, we then workstation installed several computers that were in the same building.  Using the local network that happened to be wireless.

When we installed the Hamachi VPN software in 2019, we were able to access the ATX2017 like we always had.  That is sweet.  We had moved the server computer to a new physical location away from these computers. 

However, in 2019, with ATX 2018, we have installed the local workstations without a problem.  Now that we have to install to he distant computers, we hope the Hamachi VPN can support that.  Otherwise, we might have to carry the distant computers to the other office, locally install the workstations, and hope it works like 2017.

And you thought ATX tech support didn't understand things...





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