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For dependency purposes: are social security benefits for a child (sent in care of John Doe for Child Doe) considered as support (toward the 1/2) furnished by the dependent for himself/herself (although, of course, the child doesn't get the money and parent uses it to run the household)?

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It depends on how the money was spent because if it was saved, it doesn't count as the dependent's contribution. If it went in the general household budget, it counts as the dependent contribution to his/her own support. Most of the time, SS payments to children don't knock them out of dependency. 

I only have one where that would have happened if the foster mother (Aunt) hadn't saved the SS for the child's college. (Child's parents died tragically) 

The others I have don't come close.


4. Support
In this case, the support is not the expenses that parents paid to take care of a child. Rather, it refers to the child's income. The youth must not have provided more than half of his or her own support for the year.

For most families, this is not an issue. However, if your kid is the next American Idol winner and rakes in beau coups bucks from the new-found fame, then your child could have a problem meeting this test.

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