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10 years of late 1040s, Ohio State returns, city

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Unless this is a voluntary "come clean", only send exactly what is ordered in the form ordered.  Nothing extra, nothing missing per the order(s).  Sent with proof of delivery and signature required.  (The last part is "new" for me, but I had to send something not too long ago.  It arrived the day before the government shut down, and having that proof of delivery helped later when the office reopened.)

Why I say only what is ordered is maybe the agency only goes back part way, not the full ten, and maybe even more likely, to not ever provided "extra".

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The returns can be sent on one package provided each return is in a separate envelope, marked with the year it pertains to.  Otherwise, it often happens that only the top return gets processed.  

I suggest getting both the IRS Wage and Account transcripts.  A lot of things could show up that would affect the returns.   

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