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How to file a Simple EIP return using ATX

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Taken from an official ATX blog post, below are instructions on how create a simple EIP return ATX:



APR 14

More Form Updates & Instructions for Filing Simple Returns for Economic Impact Payment (Stimulus)

This morning, we released additional ATX form updates relating to the following:

  • Federal & State 1040, business & fiduciary estimated payments and underpayment due date changes
  • Economic Impact Payment (EIP) or Stimulus Payment Update for $0 income tax returns 

E-filing Simple ATX Returns for EIP

To file a "simple" return for an individuals to receive Stimulus payments, follow the steps below.

Please read through this entire set of instructions as there are some specific notes for specific fields


Enter only the following data:

  1. Filer and/or Spouse name, address, SSN, DOB, ID information, IP Pin (if applicable), Taxpayer PIN.
  2. Individual or Married Filing Joint status
  3. If the Filer or Spouse is dependent of another taxpayer, enter this as you normally would.
  4. ERO &/or Preparer Information as normal.
  5. 3rd Party Designee information as normal.
  6. Dependent name, SSN/ATIN, relationship, DOB, Number of months in home, IP Pin (if applicable). Note: you will be asked to mark any dependent with an ITIN as “Check to not claim dependent this year” on the Dependents worksheet. CTC and ODC check boxes will not be printed per IRS specifications for EIP returns.
  7. Enter $1 on 1040 line 2b (Taxable Interest)
  8. Direct Deposit information, if available. You must mark the “Federal” jurisdiction box on form Bank Info under the taxpayer’s Bank Account column to have bank information display on 1040 and be transmitted in the e-File.

DO NOT enter:

  • Filer or Spouse "Blind" boxes
  • ANY other forms (like W2’s, Sch A, B, C, K1, 1099 etc.) or any other income, adjustments, credits or payments. Including other forms disqualifies this submission from the “Zero Income EIP Payment” process and all normal return diagnostics must be passed. In other words, this mechanism is only intended for filers without a normal filing requirement who are creating an efile to update address or direct deposit information.
  • Do not include state forms. We cannot guarantee states will treat this abbreviated federal return as valid for state filing purposes. 

Please note these particular items:

  • For MFJ returns, if one of Filer or Spouse is military and the other has an ITIN, the FILER entered must have an SSN; ITINs are not allowed in the Filer SSN field.
  • To confirm this submission will be treated with IRS special instructions for EIP payment, check for the “COVID-19 EIP” literal is displayed on screen and printed at the top of page 1 of the 1040.
  • If you have already created a return and added forms such as 8867, Sch EIC, etc., you should discard these forms & schedules.
  • If you have the Error Check filter set to show Overrides, you will receive a message that “On sheet ‘1’ you entered a value of ‘1’.” This message is safe to ignore.
  • Although Direct Deposit information is not required, it will expedite the EIP payment being deposited directly to the taxpayer’s account. Otherwise, a paper check will be printed and mailed to the taxpayer’s home address.


Posted 5 weeks ago by ATX-ProdOwner

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