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Note to everyone:  Stick to the tax and financial topics on this site.

As I've now had to post in two other topics here in the Covid-19 forum, because there are two main "camps" that could lead down a quasi-political path here, we will NOT be having discussions on subjects such as:

  • the virus' spread,
  • the timing of when and how the economy reopens,
  • effectiveness of wearing masks, or anything to do with masks for that matter,
  • essential vs non-essential business classifications,
  • church reopenings,
  • group gatherings allowed or not, or
  • anything else that points to the handling of the matter or the other party's opposition to it.

Basically, anything you see people fighting over on other social media should stay there.  POSTS AND/OR ENTIRE TOPICS WILL BE DELETED OR LOCKED.


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