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bulk extentions

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I have never used bulk extensions. And now I want to and cannot find where you do it.  Isn't it an option?  Am I crazy?  Too many summer days at the office?🤪

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You can bulk add extensions to tax returns, but you still have to go in and process each one separately, so it's not much of a time saver.

This seems like a good time to re-share my 4868 master form customizations:

    Open 1040, 1040 EF, Comparison & 4868 forms simultaneously
    Enter amount on Comparison page 2 line 12a Tax, in the Prior Year column, so Total tax
    line 16 has an amount on it.
    Link line 16 prior year to 4868 tab 1 line 4 "Estimate of total tax liability for year"
    Check box Lock amounts and carry
    Enter 0 on 4868 line 7 Amount you're paying
    Restore line 12a on Comparison so it's blank again.
    E-file Info-Check Practitioner PIN
    E-file Info-Link 1040 EF PIN for taxpayer & spouse to 4868 E-file tab PIN boxes
    E-file Info-Check ERO entered checkbox FOR TAXPAYER ONLY
    E-file Info-Link 1040 EF ERO entered checkbox for spouse to 4868 ERO entered box for
    spouse. (When processing, checking box on 1040 EF will also check box on 4868)
    E-file Info-Enter the date signed you
    E-file Info-Enter ERO PIN (if not already there)

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Just to be perfectly clear, you must have the Comparison form in the 1040 your extending, and the prior year column must have the actual amounts from last year's 1040 for this to work. And the entire purpose of this is file a 4868 based at least on last year's tax, instead of filing a zero extension.

Also, if a return is almost done, restore the 4868 fields so the draw from the current year 1040, if you think they're more reasonable.

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