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so I said the other day 6/24 - as I took my 90 year old mom in for a uti and ER visit that took 6 hours I did not have and they said she was not sick enough to admit-

After a week - took her into ER at another hospital and the Dr said she is sepsis and needs dialysis, kidneys failing

I said don't die on me mom - I do not have time for this...

I am planning her funeral-

Took her off the blood pressure meds which were keeping it above 60 - it was at 69, 4 hours later - it went to 81?

supposed to just keep going lower.

So I guess it will not be hours but maybe days.- how long can you live without eating...

I am home- some other family is there now - but after 8 pm - do I go back?

Do I let her be alone overnight? My hubby said he would stay with her.

I wanted to get about 80 done in 10 days yet..

At least I have a really good excuse..

Prayers please for her gentle passing and family.






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Oh Darlene, I am so sorry to hear this. 
As far as “should I go?” 
You will never regret going. You might regret not going, though. 
Her heart rate might go up before it slows down, yes. 
Just know that she can hear you. She can sense your presence. Tell her what a great job she’s done here and that you will be OK. Just keep reassuring her that God is waiting for her on the other side and that one day you will be together again.
know that I am praying for you and for your mom, and of course the rest of your Tax family on this board.

And may the peace that passes all understanding shower over you and your mother, and may she have a peaceful transition to Eternity. 


donna aka Possi

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Prayers for your mom and you and her whole medical team and your whole family. The next time someone else is with her, file all 80 extensions in one big batch to take 15 July off the table. If you complete 1 or 8 or 80, that's great. But, you don't have to complete any this month. Go talk to your mother &/or hold her hand.

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Darlene - we've followed you on the forum from time to time and perceive you to be an excellent lady, and that has an enormous passdown from your mother.  Take whatever time you need to help her through this portal. 

This will not be the same as losing friends and acquaintances - you will not get up after the friends have gone and get back to business-as-normal living.  You never get over losing someone this close - the only ease comes with learning to live with it.  One thing that makes this easier to accept is it follows the natural order of life - the way God intended it.

Members here really care for each other.  I'll think of you this fall when I travel to Superior WI.

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So sorry Darlene, do your  best to be with your mom.  Your presence will be a comfort to her, hold her hand and speak to her, she will hear you.  You are a good daughter.  My thoughts and prayers are for you and mom and family.


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I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts and wonderful words - I sort of did not want to post as it is sympathy.. but it was a dilemma - and we all are family in taxes and we all go through this

My prayers are with all of you that will also be in this position now , will or have been.

Be Safe,



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Darlene, I am just seeing this now.

I second EVERYTHING Donna/Donnarae/Possi said earlier.  Be with mom; spend time with her.  You will NEVER regret time spent; you may regret time not spent, for years and year and years.

To heck with the tax returns and extensions.  If you get to them, fine.  If not - and any client screams - you do NOT need clients who waited until the last minute themselves and then got mad at you for spending time with your mom.  You just don't.  Those people are spiritual poison and you don't need them in your life.

Prayers for your mom and your whole family; may the Lord hold you in His hands and give you His peace that passeth all understanding.  

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Thank you all..

She seemed to recover last Fri and Sat and then Sun got a call  - well it was from a nurse having a really, really bad day and I was on the end of it!!

and she went to Palliative care and was to die within hours - Well from sun to Fri - many amazing things happened!!!

Her funeral is Fri,

my brothers are verrry hard to work with or lack of work on their part especially the one ordering from out of state and I am not the executor!!

Praying for the repose of her soul, for us! for unity, for peace and no Covid - having a service  - North central WI  - our county has 11 cases.. but the priest has sort of gone scared now..

I do not go anywhere - so if I am doing this carefully - he can!

Most people and clients have been wonderful - will not be contacting a few for next year!


Just finishing up a few 2016's of new clients that came in and slipped thru our system..  -picked up 4 new clients in last 10 days..

Should have franchised in last 6 years!!! Sort of old now and sort of old to keep doing this ...

Any way!! Thank  you all and yes - we all go through this so peace to all,







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I am so sorry for your loss, and that your brothers are not being helpful in this time. One of the things that got me through losing both my parents within 10 months was that my brother and sister and I all got along and worked together on everything.  I can't imagine if they had been difficult to deal with in addition to the grief.  We still get along well and work together well, as long as my sister and I make no mention of politics.  Your family is in my prayers, and if we can help or you need someone to listen while you vent, we are here for you.  Blessings!

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