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Temporary Procedures for Form 3115

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Copied from Accounting Today:

"Previously, taxpayers mailed a paper duplicate copy of Form 3115 to the IRS and filed the original Form 3115 with their tax return. Under the new temporary procedure, starting Friday, July 31, the IRS will accept the duplicate copy of Form 3115 via fax to (844) 249-8134. The change will apply only to taxpayers who are asking for consent to make a change in accounting method under the automatic change procedure. This temporary procedure will be in effect until further notice.

“Taxpayers will still need to submit two copies of the Form 3115 to the IRS,” the IRS said on its website Wednesday. “Taxpayers must continue to file Form 3115 with their tax return (including extensions). However, instead of mailing the duplicate paper copy of Form 3115 to the IRS in Ogden, Utah, taxpayers can now fax it to (844) 249-8134.”

The cover sheet of the fax should include the following information:

Subject: Form 3115

Sender's name, title, phone number, address

Taxpayer's name


Number of pages faxed (including cover sheet)

The IRS cautioned that taxpayers should not include sensitive information on the cover sheet, such as an Employer Identification Number or Social Security number. The IRS won’t provide a confirmation or receipt of the fax. It advised taxpayers to check their fax transmission log to verify that all the Form 3115 pages have been sent."

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