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Has anyone used this feature presumably available now?  I have a client currently in Germany who filed an amended 2016 form and included payment due of $698.  She received a LTR 1687C stating that the payment was received  and credited to 201612 tax  The next sentence states that we 'need to know how to credit the balance of $698.'

I am thinking that the return itself has not yet been processed but she is supposed to attach a clear copy of both sides of the canceled check in the envelope enclosed within 30 days but doesn't give the reason.  The letter does ask for an explanation of why the payment was sent and where to apply the balance. 

Of course she didn't receive this until yesterday as a friend forwarded her mail to Germany.  I call the number listed but don't have POA on file (I know, should have done that long ago) but think it's now possible through the e-signatures now allowed.  I do have e-services access (last checked Dec. 1).  Anyone else process this or other forms like this yet?

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I think the new Secure Access is scheduled to be active about July, but you can register now. Although, I see in a slide from a recent webinar that e-signatures may ONLY be submitted to the IRS online at https://IRS.gov/Submit2848 for both Forms 8821 and 2848. I'm not sure where you can look up your identity authentication requirements...

Taxaroo has an recorded webinar on E-Signatures and the IRS.

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I will follow up on this but this is from https://www.irs.gov/tax-professionals/submit-forms-2848-and-8821-online-faqs

Can I use my Secure Access account for e-Services/TDS/SOR to log in to the TDC platform? Yes. If you already registered for a Secure Access account for IRS tools such as e-Services, Get Transcript or Get an IP PIN, you may use the same account to log in to the TDC platform.

If you don’t have an account, register now for Secure Access if you want to use the TDC platform beginning in January 2021.

The link above lists the identity authentication components needed.  The link you provided is just to the forms but it also says January 2021.  Just wondering if anyone has done this yet.  I will have to upload the form into Verifyle for her to access and sign.

Thanks, Lion.  I will keep pursuing.  It just seems a bit silly but pretty obvious, I think, that the check was cashed but return not processed yet.  Sigh....

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I think the powers that be are making communications MORE complex as they try to give us more electronic means to communicate. But I do understand the need for security.

(My To-Do List includes "register for Secure Access." But my To-Do List is long!)

Maybe the summer phase is when the taxpayer can initiate the 8821/2848 if he can qualify for secure access; then it goes to us and directly to CAF and is processed faster, maybe. I remember something about 30% of tax payers will qualify to register for Secure Access.

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Curses, I just tried to log onto E-services and my site image is different so it says do not continue.  Grrr, I just checked this in December and changed the password so this has happened since then.  And, of course, calls to the help desk go nowhere.  I guess this is one of those things where it may have been hacked or somehow compromised.  The phrase was correct but not the image.

Trying to be mellow, not succeeding, think I need to go for a walk in the sun.  It's only 45 but warmer than it has been and is sunny!

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I was hoping to utilize this method as the client is in Germany indefinitely so it seemed easy.  I finally (2 hours 4 minutes) reached the number on the letter and the agent agreed that it was likely that the return just had not been processed along with the check.  She agreed with just following the instructions and explain same.

This morning I reached e-services (an hour and 12 minutes) and was told that I needed to log into IRS, etc. every time and not use a favorite or quick link.  I do use IE 11 ONLY for e-services but confess through a link on my desktop.  So much for that.  I did have to change, again, my password but at least the agent stayed with me until it worked.  And she had no idea about uploading 2848/8821 online so there's that!

Not sure about next steps.

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