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Parent died 12/3/2020 but didn't get 1200 stimulus

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Parent filing as single died 12/3/2020 

Daughter has looked thru May thru December 2020  bank statements and can't find 1200 stimulus amount

Dad was US resident, had a SS number and agi was 43393 in 2019

No bank account on any returns he paid  taxes due with paper check and received refund in paper check

She can't use Get My Payment or setup a My Account because dad's social security is not longer active

Will it work to put zero on 1040-line 30 - it comes up with 1200 refund but will that pass IRS with death date of 12/3/2020

Any suggestions how she can get 1200 dollars ?



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Some payments were sent on debit cards too, so even if the dad did get it by this method, there may not be a trail through any bank account. Some people threw those away thinking they were junk mail or a scam. 

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I was able to use my mom's SSN to see no payment was sent (DoD 3/2020).  While there was no requirement to file a personal return for 2020, as the PR, it makes more sense for me to be able to prove I filed, and a free efile process added EIP 1 and 2 for an 1800 refund, since I could not correctly say the EIP's were received.

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