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how to get penalty abated for covid?

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I cannot find on the worksheet anymore where covid is written?? was it changed for the 8915?

I have read and read  - I swear it was there on the first ones I did on he 5329 - stating line 12 - covid as an exception. 

Even online it states Code L  and now it is not!

So when I use the 8915 - it taxes the income but no penalty

But if I put the info in the 1099-R - it also taxes it!!

no penalty but records it 2x - double income -

Do I not put it into the 1099-R?


And what about the 5329, code 12?



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yes - but then you do not use the 1099-R? as it duplicates? I see on the 5329 - jump to from code - it even states do not put the $$ amount in on line 1 - read instructions - but do you not have to enter the 1099-R????

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