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N/T - speech to text autocorrect


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Husband texted me that he was running late and I answered with what was supposed to be "ok, thanks for letting me know" that I sent as "ok, thanks for loving me now."

Then I started to send "geez, I should proofread before sending" which started to convert to "Cheese Arthur profit..." which started me laughing so hard that I had tears running.

It was at that exact moment that a representative from the state's division of revenue returned my call.  All I can say is that poor woman must think I'm totally nuts, and that it's a good thing I don't text much with my clients. 

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I always refer to it as auto-UNcorrect.  And yes, I've had some "corrections" that resulted in the same laugh-until-tears upon reading what it thought was better than what I wrote.  No good examples off the top of my head, but there sure have been some doozies!

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I have a long time customer whose email address starts with 'lady38dd'.  I have pondered if that is a personal only address, or one she uses for professional non personal messages as well.

I use speech to text and to email every day.  For me, I find spelling out words which may be confusing to the software save me a few correcting messages.  Even with the spelling out words, reviewing and correcting, and sounding out punctuation, speech processing is usually faster than my typing, if the message is longer than a sentence or two.  Using auto signatures also saves some time.

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2 hours ago, Medlin Software said:

I have a long time customer whose email address starts with 'lady38dd'.

And we have one whose personal email starts with "bi-markc" and I really don't need to know that about him (I had been able to guess from his affect, but I really did not need confirmation).

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