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anyone worked with K-1 1065 showing deferred sales?


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New situation for me.  Client is a passive partner (less than 1%) in a venture capital firm that sold off a couple companies last year, in installment sales.

K-1 Line 20 P shows only the name of the companies, date of sale, and "Your share of Deferred proceeds" and "Your share of Deferred gains."

The amounts are big enough that I do want to defer them, but everything I've researched says I would need to  file a 6252 for him (which seems a little crazy that every partner would have to do that), or maybe just report the endgame, Section 453a(c)  interest of 3%.

I feel like I need a lot more info, but I have a bad habit of overthinking these things and driving myself nuts.  So is there actually a simple answer to this, like all I need to do is report the Gain times the interest rate on Sch B?

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It's deferred, but the issue is that thew partners have to pay interest on the deferral.  MY issue is I'm not sure if it's interest on the deferred proceeds, the deferred gain, or if I actually need to do a 6252 to come up with it all, in which case I need a lot more info.

I was really hoping someone here would have dealt with this situation, but I guess it must be uncommon.

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