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2 Factor Authentication Old Email - CANNOT LOG IN TO DOWNLOAD


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So I've been using ATX since the 1990's. Upon renewal this year, I provided my new email. It was changed as I got my contract and reg codes. But when I tried to download, upon logging in they need to send me a code. It was referencing an old email that I no longer have access to. I called the general ATX number and was led to believe this is a showstopper for my tax season. Opened a support ticket, but am concerned. Any ideas? Anyone know anyone at ATX with some clout?

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I had a similar problem.  I did not change my email address but I tried logging into support and it was taking a long time to receive the email with the authentication code.  By the time I received the email, my time was stopped out.  I called tech support.  The rep asked if I had another email address.  I happened to have a gmail account and email address (I don't use it much).  The rep gave me a new temp password to log in and there was an option to change my email address.  Using the new email address, I received my code immediately and was able to log in to the website.  You might be able to change your email address with ATX this way.  But you should be able to get into the ATX website in the future so you'll want to get this resolved.

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On 1/12/2022 at 8:14 PM, JSC CPA said:

Actually, do I need access? I tried to log in via my Google account, but was denied. Your my only hope. ATX and my sales rep have left me high and dry!

Have you gotten this resolved yet?

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