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how to get Drake working for the secretary?


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The license is per EFIN per location, so if the secretary of the licensee is working at the same location and the laptops stay in one location, installation is allowed on both laptops.

Secretary should be set up as a separate user with her own log-in and password, not granted admin privileges, and I believe the primary administrator can choose to further limit what the secretary has access to.

Ideally the the laptops are networked, otherwise if standalones each data file worked on would have to be manually transferred between machines, at least I *think* that is possible. It would be best to check directly with Drake support.

Here's the part of the license agreement that covers the EFIN/site location issue:


3. Conditions
a. Installation Limitations:

A separate licensed copy of the Software must be purchased for each EFIN that is used to log in and transmit returns. Licensee shall limit the use of the Software to one Site per license. The license must be registered to a particular Site and may only be used by Authorized Users primarily working out of such Site. Upon request, Licensee agrees to provide to Drake complete records of the location of any Site, and the number of copies of the Software in use at that Site. This Agreement specifically prohibits access of the Software remotely from non-licensed Sites, with all remote usage requiring an additional license and Authorized User for each remote location outside the Site.


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The only other option would be to pay Drake to host the program so that both of you have online access.

I considered that option several years ago when their fee for hosting was $50 per month

but now I believe Drake's fee to host the program has doubled so that's too expensive for me.

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