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deceased individual return


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The SSA usually keeps the SS# active until the final return is filed, then they deactivate it.  Once they do, there is no way to reactivate it.  You will have to mail the amendment.  If they are due a refund, warn them to expect it in a year or so.  If they owe money, no problem.

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I am just about the 2 year mark waiting for a refund from a deceased TP.  Unless a significant amount, or the heirs are not cooperative, it makes sense to disburse if ever received without holding up anything else.  In my case, the heirs are not cooperate or uncooperative, they just wait for checks...

Thankfully, the bank account can stay open with no fees. I left .02 in it.  If I move .01 to another account, them move it back, the account does not go inactive.

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