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I've been noticing on a Facebook community page of Drake users that people are having significant problems getting Drake running correctly. Is anyone on here having a difficult time?

I've had zero problems so I'm just wondering. Seems one of the major problems is the multi factor authentication and I turned that off immediately.

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I've worked on individual and business returns within the program but am waiting on state forms approval, so I haven't e-filed anything yet. No problems with what I've done so far, but I did not initiate the MFA during my initial setup after reading the initial post here.

My own 940 was rejected by IRS on 1/23 because of a programming issue in Drake Accounting and with the year in the header, and the program didn't catch or reject it and allowed it to transmit on through to IRS.  The patch was made by Drake the following morning and 940 was resubmitted automatically without any further action on my part. All I had to do was retrieve the ack a second time that showed its acceptance.  

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