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Docusign, Dropbox, and Signing Form 8879


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I have been using Docusign to allow clients to sign their 8879s remotely/electronically.  On its website, docusign says it is IRS Approved.  However, in reading the IRS requirements, I'm not certain it complies because Docusign doesn't ask any Identity Verification questions.

Thoughts?  What do others use?  I know there is something that is part of ATX, but I haven't used it.

Thanks much!

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8 hours ago, BTS said:

Encyro.  Handles signatures and is a secure client portal.  Easy to use and not that expensive.  Pennies per signature.

Ditto also. Website says it is Hipaa and IRS compliant. Everything is sent and received via an encrypted platform. It may not be the easiest but it's not difficult and is very cheap. $120 per year but for IRS KBA you have to buy a bundle of SMS texts for $.16 to $.25 each. $80 is 500 of them so likely $200 for the year for anyone. Clients can send you all their document via your personal upload site.


Now is it actually safe? Don't know and am told no by experts but it meets the legal requirement I think. No site is actually completely safe. Password sites which a few years ago we were told are impossible to hack have been hacked.

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