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4 minutes ago, Randall said:

I ususally renew by May 31.  With only a few years left, I don't want to change so I just get it out of the way.


I will probably do the same.  I have been looking at other programs and have already turned down ATX.  However, due to my age, as well, I will most likely bite the bullet.  Just get it over with, move on to finish the extensions and enjoy a happy summer.  

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9 hours ago, G2R said:

For those that do renew this early, have you found the discount is worth it?


Yes.  Peace of mind, if nothing else.  With the cost of all supplies increasing, every dollar saved is critical.

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I renew by May 31st each season although I note others have posted receiving the same discount in November I believe. I have used ATX and their prior Saber program for many years and although running into a rough patch in 2012 it works for me.

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15 hours ago, Slippery Pencil said:

I've always received similar discounts in December. 

I am not willing to agonize over it all Summer.  No interest on money in the bank anyway.  I renewed last week!

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I’ll probably renew and be done with it as I usually do with money sitting in my checking account.

Now that you’ve brought up interest rates I’ve been having a good time with Treasury Direct and T Bills paying those decent rates.  

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