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I do a handful of nonprofits, some are charities.  Of course, this year the NYS Annual Filing CHAR500 is to be filed thru the online system.  Sounds simple enough.  My first go around with this is still in limbo because the signatures are sent to officers via docusign, and in this case the 70-something year old officer got totally confused with docusign and we can't seem to get her straightened out.  😞

The second one to set up had not set up their online account yet - cause like most NPs they have no clue.  So we went to set it up and the program said that the status had been cancelled.  I know for a fact that they have filed every year and they should be good.  Did a look-up in the system.  Turns out that the 6-digit NY registration number that they have used for the last several years is assigned to another organization.  I have records back to 2014 and we have done this return for longer than that.  Nobody in NYS has ever noticed.  SNAFU 🙄


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2 hours ago, mcb39 said:

EFile says that Name and EFIN do not match their records.

We really need an IRS site to look up the Name Control in their computers. It's stupid that they make us guess what they have.

I had several trusts I couldn't efile for name control rejection for years, and finally the IRS fixed the name in their computers and we were finally able to efile. I kept putting the reason for paper filing as the IRS has an error in the name control database, and I guess someone finally took a look and fixed it.

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I can't hardly wait to (try to e-)file my remaining NY non-profit!  Ahead of a monthlong stint overseas I sought instruction on how to extend CHAR500; nothing online; finally reached someone in the Charities Bureau who asserted that extensions were automatic this year.  Who was I to disagree?

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