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IRS Form 3115


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7 minutes ago, Lion EA said:

One Form 3115 expert is Lisa Ihm and Brass Tax Presentations. They have a $20 booklet with line-by-line instructions and spreadsheet attachments and...


Look around their website.

I already purchased this program.  I am not 100% certain I can complete the form from this program.  I have also already sent them an email, with no response as of now.  So as a tax professional, if I cannot guarantee it will be perfect, I would rather pay someone else to complete it.  Thank you for your input though.

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For missed rental depreciation, it's really NOT that bad. I just did one this year and it's mostly annoying persnickety checkboxes, a bunch of meaningless-but-required attachments, a couple of lines to fill in, and a reason (t/p didn't know; came for help, we're fixing it).

PM me if you want gory details.

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