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Client entered the military and was married at the time. The now ex-spouse had POA to take care of his affairs. At this point the ex-spouse refuses to cooperate. The federal return for both years in question are correct, both years contain two states. One year prepped by a pro and is correct. Still waiting on documentation from the other year from one of the states to see if the return was filed correctly or an amendment is needed. I've been looking for some relief for this guy as the ex expects him to pay all the balance due plus the penalties. I think he' stuck because of the POA. The window to change from MFJ to MFS is long gone. Opinions please.

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Have you considered filing Form 8857?  Been a long time since I've filed one but somewhat similar situation--didn't think my client had much of a chance (she was an accountant) but she was granted an equitable settlement (responsible for half of the debt). 

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