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EFTPS Password Change

Lee B

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I had to schedule a payroll tax deposit today due to the termination  of an employee by a client ( Semi Weekly Depositor ).

EFTPS now requires your password to be 12 characters or longer so if your old password was shorter

you or your client will be forced to change.

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I am puzzled about the selective enforcement. I had logged into my client's account on November 4th with an 8 character password

then when I  tried to log in on November 20th EFTPS wouldn't accept the same 8 character password and forced me to create new 12 character password.

Perhaps it was because I had to change my clients Bank Account information due to fraudulent activity.

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I suspect the password, post other login, is to protect the data at rest.  That is the most important, as that is where it is more likely compromised (compared to someone gaining live access).

It makes perfect sense to require new/reset passwords to meet whatever "new" formula they desire, rather than make all change at once. Sort of like we have to still support the pre Trump W4 (with allowances) and the post Trump W4 (with implied allowances). I actually deal with this almost daily as for me, any change to any of the W4 data means we require a current W4.  No "playing" with it so see the results, verbal requests for a different setting, etc. (The current admin may be the first in decades not to monkey with withholding, because the prior admin cut below zero, leaving nothing left to play with. Meaning it is not a red/blue issue, both sides have done it.)

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(Oldy but goody, adjusted for clean speech - extrapolate on your own)

Choose a new password:


Sorry, password must contain at least 8 letters.

boiled potato

Sorry, password must contain at least one number.

1 boiled potato

Sorry, password cannot contain spaces


Sorry, password must contain capital letters.


Sorry, capital letters must not be consecutive.


Sorry, password must not contain punctuation.


Sorry, you can't change your password to a password that has already been used with this account.

Choose a new password :

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