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Wage and Income Transcript does not include a 1099R income

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So- I mentioned this in a response on another person's post.  My client's refund was partially taken to pay for tax and penalty on a 2019 assessment.  The TP had omitted income from withdrawal from an IRA retirement account.  Per the CP notice, TP reported 0 and IRS shows 17000.  However, the TP had not received a 1099R (that he's aware of). And the wage and income transcript does not list this income either. So how does the IRS come up with this?  

I asked the TP if he remembers taking a withdrawal and he thinks he did.  Typical TP didn't know it was taxable and didn't think about it when tax time came and didn't think twice about not getting a 1099R.  

Do I have any leg to stand on with the transcript not showing a 1099R income?  

Meanwhile I have asked him to reach out to that bank and ask for a copy of the old 1099.  So good luck with that, right?

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Just thought I would mention the possibility, since there are 4 different kinds of transcripts and the standard Tax Return Transcript

only shows what was on the originally filed Form 1040.

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I had to file an amended return for 2022 for a client and it wouldn't efile because 'the withholding was wrong'.  I got the Wage & Income transcript and lo & behold, the wife's 1099-SSN wasn't in the transcript.  Nor her withholding on the 1099.  But I had a copy of the 1099 issued in my sweaty little palm.

It was weird and now you've got one too.

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