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1040-X Question

Dave T

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Client neglected to tell me about volunteer miles in 2023 so preparing amended Federal and State returns.

Nominal impact resulting in small refunds. 

I made a copy of the original return and added the 1040-X to the copy. Column A shows original amounts and in Column C the new Itemized Deduction amount and from there the adjusted Total Income, Tax, etc.  Seems pretty straightforward but when I do an error check I get a message " Taxable income must equal the amount on Form 1040". When I click on the error it jumps to Column C which is the corrected amount. I get three more similar error messages all linked to Column C.

Not sure what I am doing wrong but would appreciate any help you might be able to offer.

Thank you.

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When we do an amended in ATX, we open the original return and click "Returns" then scroll down to amend return.  This creates a new return as originally filed.  Close the original return.  Make the changes in the Amended Return and all should flow correctly.

By copying and adding the 1040x, the flow gets broken.


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Ok I tried this. I clicked Amend return in the original and it did create the new amended return and added the 1040-X and State It 201-X.

As noted the Itemized Deduction amount changed and I made the change in Column C and from there things flowed correctly and calculated the refund due. However, still getting the same error message linking to Column C " Taxable Income must equal the amount on Form 1040. In addition I get three subsequent errors all saying the same thing relating to the 1040.

Thank again 


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