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Deductible Items in Purchase/Re-Fiance of Home

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Hi Everyone,

I used to have a list of items that may be deducted on Schedule A when a person buys/re-finances a home. Could someone give me a clue as to which of the following items might be deductible:

- Loan Discount - Bank of America

- Credit Report to XX Credit, Inc

- Flood Certification Fee to XX Flood Determination, Inc.

- Tax Service Fee to XX Tax Service Corp

- Lender Fee to Bank of American N.A.

- Interest from 12/29/2009 to 01/01/2010

- Hazard Insurance

- County Property Taxes - 6MO

- Aggregate Analysis Adjustment to Bank of America

- Settlement or Closing Fee to XX Inc.

- Title Insurance to XX Inc.

- Recording Fees - Mortgage

- County Taxes to XX County Tax Collector

- Principle Reduction due to Excessive Cash to Borrower to Bank of America



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