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Thanks for the prayers

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My surgery was sucessful. The doctors removed my enlarged thyroid. It was larger than a small football. They had to open the breastbone to do it. The stitches are sore but thankfully no pain. Once this heals I will will looking at the lung and the kidney to see what is going to happen.

Thank you for all your prayers. I just love my extented family on this board.


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Wonderful to hear news that brightened your day!

My Mother had thyroid cancer - removal of the thyroid removed the cancer, with no return - she lived thirty years after that and her death was not related to cancer.

Our eldest daughter had "growths" on her thyroid that were enveloping the tubes in her throat. Surgery successful, but Drs. monitoring the area eve since. Our middle son has "something" near his thyroid.

You are not alone in dealing with this. and you are never alone if God is with you.

Prayers continue....

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