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I have an idea that may ultimately save all of us some money and with this economy we could all use a break. I am not certain how many of us there are on this board and what type of products we use. For example:

Tax software

Accounting software

Payroll software




Paper and supplies

Service contracts, networks, etc.


Cell phones

I think you get the idea?

Once this data is available, we can see if there is any clout to bring to negotiate deals with providers of these services.

Let's assume for argument sake that 250 of us are presently using ATX, and let’s further assume that there are many disparities in the individual pricing, I believe that we could negotiate a better deal with them and /or convince many of you to change your tax software to a competitor that will negotiate and save us all money!

Socialism at it's best.

Please let me hear your thoughts on this subject and see if it has any teeth?

Thanks for your participation.

Mike Dubin CPA

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Good luck finding the insurance.

In Texas we can't get in the high risk pool state insurance until we've shown that we can't get insurance anywhere else & have been without insurance for 6 months. So my husband joined my business so that we could get a group policy. Price isn't bad, but the $5000 deductible each makes it almost like we don't have insurance.

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Yes, ours is funded through an HSA. That account is paying around 0.2% (if I remember correctly). I do have the option to put it in a mutual fund. That used to seem like a good idea, but after the way the market has been acting the last few years, I'm not going to take a chance that there will be a big sell-off right before I have a major medical incident.

But I really would like to have the option of having insurance that is not based on our business. We might want to retire one of these days. (I know my clients will probably never let me "completely" retire, but it would be nice to have the option to slow down.)

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