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Would CCH sell ATX after tax season?

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Given all the problems this year, and given all the bad publicity to boot, would CCH sell ATX after tax season? Sure, Jason Marx. has been appointed the new CCH SFS president, but is he may be an interim president. Even accounting trade journals are reporting this mess, and they normally turn a blind eye to this controversy and write PR pieces so that they can get ad revenue from CCH, RIA, BNA, etc.

If you were a prospect and an ATX salesman called you after tax season to purchase the service, what would your reaction be? Heck, what is your reaction as a customer right now when they call you about doing an early renewal after tax season?

No, I have a feeling this ship is sinking and CCH is suffering from buyer's remorse from even purchasing ATX and Kleinrock in the first place. With the introduction of IntelliConnect a few years ago, and the mess that followed after that, I think CCH is wondering whether it's worth it to stay in the "small firms" market or just get out while the getting is good. They may be saying that it would be better to focus all their time, money and energy on the larger accounting and law firms, which has always been their bread and butter anyway.

Maybe because they think we are "small" that we don't deserve all the attention and resources they give to the big boys.

It's time for them to put up, or shut up. Either respect us, or just sell ATX to someone who will respect us.

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