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    Part-year MD resident came to us in April and put on extension. Going thru all of his records (lots of 1099Rs, several brokerage 1099s, etc.) just trying to get federal straight first and I come to his notes where he's broken down every item of income between the 2 states for me! Almost brought a tear to my eye. I hope he's a repeat client and didn't just come to me for the transition year. I want to give him a hug! (and not a Rita hug)
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    Hello. Sorry to be a dunderbrain, but are we really having a 'gathering' this summer, or is that a long-standing joke? OR . . . is it invitation only, which would be completely understandable. I don't want to show up and end up as fertilizer. Cheers!
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    Does the venue have quality Wifi? I will be toting my laptop and we can facetime or Facebook video chat, or several other ways to let people be there that can't be in person. Think "Big Bang Theory". Maybe even possibly stream some of it live... It is just the life-long geek coming out in me....
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    Oh I just had SO much fun!!! I got a call from some low-life scum who wanted to take over my computer because of "suspicious activity" and I had him going for several minutes. I played dumb clueless ditz. Finally he told me my computer had been "compromised" and I told him that I *never* left my computer alone in a room with a man. (Guess I've read Jane Austen a few too many times...) Then I told him he had the wrong person - goodbye! I managed to hang up just before I busted out laughing.
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    We haven't made any reservations yet but we're really looking forward to it. I've made a few notes about ATX letters, but I have a lot more work to do to fill the 3 hours Jack has alloted. If I went on for 3 hours, you'd all be so drunk you'd start throwing things at me.
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    I think this got "thought up" one day when Rita took a 10 minute break from the site. I'll be there!
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    Yes, it's for real, and I'm hosting. No need to bring anything, but I do need a count. If you're not sure, a "maybe" is fine. June 23 in middle TN. Anybody interested please message me for directions!
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    Me, too! I just have to figure out how to get all the Cincinnati Chili fixin's there in good order. No Graeter's ice cream as it would surely melt. We need a count by mid-June, I suggest, to be sure we all bring enough of whatever we're bringing!
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    It better be real, because I've made reservations already!
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    The neighbor with the farm across the road knows some of my clients and has graciously given me a key to his gate. We work on his fence once in a while. It's like sharecropping only different.
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    I can add that! I could do it in a Jeopardy! format just for laughs!
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    @Abby Normal, you have to do a seminar on ATX tips and tricks. And give us all a certificate of completion. How else are we going to write this off? That is a lot of business miles I can rack up from CA to TN and back. Tom Modesto, CA
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    Rita, I have to say it again - I just LOVE you!
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    Do you have enough pasture land to accommodate your tax practice?!
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    So, my fab client story ( /s): The first person I've seen today brought her 2017 W-2 and a bunch of receipts for furniture she purchased with some of her 2017 $50,000 early IRA withdrawal. We discussed this "move" she wanted to make in July, to pay medical bills, and I told her to pay $100 a month, or something, toward medical bills and avoid taking early withdrawals. She indicated that she just wanted to pay the medical bills and get them behind her. I wonder how far behind her she meant, and when exactly she was going to begin putting them behind her. There's a grand total of one receipt here for one hundred smackers toward a medical bill. She only forgot her 1099-R, her 1098 Mortgage Interest, and her 1095-A. Yes, 1095-A. I am pretty glad I sent her a letter in July memorializing the conversation, and warning her how she'll be repaying the APTC. She does remember the letter. She said she opened it this morning, had laid it aside [how important could it be], and is now worried. You don't say.
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    I'll have what she's having.
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    Welcome to the H8 8283 club. One of the biggest PIA's in prepping TR's. This was brought up her about a month ago. Some preparers including myself will lump several of the receipts from the same institution together. If the IRS wanted to crack down on this, they would probably throw out 90% of the claims. I have been in some of the thrift stores and the selling prices are much lower than most people are claiming.
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    I am working every angle I can to get there with my spouse. But, I lost my day job and it will totally depend on if I get hired somewhere after we get back from our London vacation. Really hoping I don't have a job until July...or August...or later. I am enjoying the unemployed life. My backyard is becoming fabulous, all the to-do's around the house are getting done, and I have time to work on tax issues without any pressure. I could get used to this. Anyway, I have never driven across the country, so I am really excited to drive from CA to TN. I have a sister in southern OH, so I will stop by and see her too. But being away from the house for 2 weeks is a stretch for the spouse. I guess that means I am a maybe. Tom Modesto, CA
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    ...Good Thinking Rita Also...I like your makeup...Cute
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    I had a call the other day that started out with a female thanking me for my recent inquiry about affordable health insurance and if I would just stay on the line she would connect me to an insurance agent. I said, wait, when did I inquire about affordable health insurance? And she just kept talking over me. I repeated myself four times. On the fourth she said, well, don't you want affordable health insurance? I said, mine does not get much more affordable since I will be going on Medicare very shortly. Click! And I kept talking into the phone - wait, I am not done yet. Come back on the line please...........
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    You should consider an incinerator that generates electricity so these people can contribute a little something to society on their way out... besides just fertilizer.
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    You (we) just can NOT save some people from themselves!
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    It's the little things that bring a tear, right? LOVE it. I have 2 retired military officers who bring huge files, lots of paper, and spreadsheets that bring that joyful tear. I go in alone, and come out refreshed... just like a shower. Ahhhhhh......
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    Isn't it awesome to get that client that knows what we need and is organized? I am an equal opportunity hugger. YOLO.