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    Hey, Everybody, we're all good. Lots of hail but the tornadoes missed us! Thanks for checking!
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    Yes, people are calling to check in! If others are like me, I'm trying to answer questions about the shutdown, trying to decipher the new credits, picking away at the returns on hand, following the news, and worrying over family stuff. Plus, I just walked back in the door from picking up meds and shopping for us and for mom too. There was little traffic, light amount of shoppers that were still polite but not making eye contact, some actually making u-turns so as to not pass others in the aisle. Weird. Maybe I'll squeeze in some work today...maybe. I'm doing well myself, and as an introvert that is accustomed to being holed up at this time of year, that part of my life still seems rather routine. I'm just doing the best that I can each day and not allowing myself to feel overwhelmed. Do what I can, and the best that I can. That is all. I'm very concerned for my mom and my husband though, and I know I can safely share here without them or other family seeing. Mom is 93 and was released from a rehab facility one week ago after a month's stay because of a compression fracture of L2, so she definitely needs help now where normally is very capable living independently. She will heal, but I'm concerned about bringing the virus in to her and I'm the only one that may be sort of safe visiting at this point. Both my brothers and their wives have been sick with something involving lots of coughing but are all getting better after about a week. My oldest sister, 72 now, still works at Walmart part-time, is healthy so far, and is not visiting mom at all because of possible exposure through her work. Other sister is not local, so that leaves only me, and I'm sanitizing and washing constantly with everything there and keeping my distance as best I can. Starting around this time last year, my husband has been battling 2 difference types of cancer. Treatment for one was finished last year, and the treatment for the other cancer was finished in late January. On top of that, tests to clear him for the biopsies and treatments showed that he also has 3 things going on with his heart too. At 69, he is definitely in the highest risk group and hasn't been out in almost 2 weeks. He's an extrovert that likes going somewhere every day and will definitely be utilizing social media and video chats more frequently. Someone to talk to other than me! lol He's doing really well and is healthy otherwise, and no one would think there's anything wrong with him, and people don't believe his age either. They always think we are the same age and I'm 10 years younger. Thanks for letting me unload and thanks for reading, if you got this far. Sorry for the wall o' text. If anyone else needs to chat to relieve their stress or worries, please feel free. We need each other more than ever, and if anyone is feeling overwhelmed, please find someone to talk with or share here if it helps. We are a family here, and no one understands our work better than other members here.
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    The toughest thing for me is to NOT touch my face. I tend to lean on my hand, scratch my itchy eyes and nose (allergies), brush hair out of my eyes with my hand, and otherwise touch my face. I'm making a conscious effort to NOT touch my face, but it's very hard.
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    Thank you, I believe it's turning out to be much worse than we thought at daylight. A town 35 miles away lost at least 19. I was awakened at 2:30 by hail, and wondered if two baby calves would be ok. The entire herd came out of the woods at daylight. We are very fortunate and thankful.
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    They really can be jerks. This is the client who gets the nice letter from me: "It's me, not you (it's you). My business is going in a new direction (away from you). Best wishes for your continued success (aggravating the next poor soul to death)."
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    If one more person....just one; comes in and starts in on what all's gonna happen; I swear I'll either overdose on a bottle of Germ-X or throw myself out the window (even if it is only a one-story building). (Not that I, myself, haven't already mentioned every possible dire consequence in the world 'til my other half finally told me to shut up.)
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    How about some good news. My 79 year old brother-in-law, who lives in Spain, came down with double pneumonia and the corona virus about 10 days ago. My wife spoke just spoke to him. Although, his voice is very weak, he is up and walking a little.
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    Ever since this started, I have wondered if Chaz, Janitor Bob's friend that stands on the corner and drinks warm Corona, has anything to do with it. I don't know about drinking corona warm - does that cause disease?
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    Right about now, we could all use 2 1/2 minutes of remembering how much fun we are having.
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    Killer tornado system (at least 5 dead) tracked between Monterey and Clarkrange Tennessee over the night. This is dangerously close to where Rita lives. We would like to hear from Rita to make sure she is O.K.
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    I had signed up for the NAEA message board, getting daily summaries, some time ago. I rarely look, and have never bothered to respond. Well, I responded to one and let me warn you all to stay away from that group! First off, any response seems to reset your daily summary to an email with every. bleeping. message. posted - and I could find no way to reset that (ended up unsubscribing completely). Then, the board seems to be full of full-of-themselves persnickety nit-pickers who have NO concept of taking facts and circumstances and doing the best you can do with the information at hand. Stay here, where we fuss at each other in love, and understand that we're all trying to do our best for our clients, not trying to prove how we can out-cite everyone else. Jeezle louizle I love you guys and just got my nose rubbed in how much. And Rita - there are some folks over on another board who could use some of your hugs. Just sayin'!
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    I have multiple lawyer friends / coworker arrangements and 15 minutes is pretty normal. You do a 2 minute call - bam $75 charged. I had a lawyer in my office on Monday late in the day and we talked about nothing for an hour. On Wednesday I ask if he was ever going to get me that folder of documents and he says he gave it to me Monday - that's why he was at my office. I tear up my office looking for this huge file - nope. I KNOW he didn't give it to me but he's sure he did. He looks everywhere in his home, office, car on Thursday and can't find it. It's got to be in my office. His dad calls me this morning and asks why a huge folder of tax documents meant for me is sitting on his recliner. Heart attack averted.
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    I have some clients who are jerks. Oops, that's a typo. I have some former clients who are jerks.
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    Judy...thanks for your candor. We're all in this together. This community, in many ways, is our extended "family" and we should be here for each other.
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    I am here. Does anyone else that works at home have to deal with everyone they know calling them, because they are home and bored? They are making me nuts. Nobody cares that I am BUSY. I miss my family and friends, but I don't have time to talk several times a day.
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    Anyone who doesn't want or need the money should make plans to use it to buy food, medicine, or necessaries for someone they know who is in need. That's what my wife and I are going to do. Targeted help directly to someone it can help, and no bureaucracy dragging a big chunk of it for administration. Anyone who doesn't know someone in need can always donate the full amount to a trusted church or charity for the same purposes. I've already posted a Facebook challenge to people on my friends list urging them to do this. Not for personal recognition, but to suggest a way to achieve a tangible positive outcome with something they disagree with on principle.
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    Just when I think I'm over the hill: Guy drives up today, gets out, crips in the office (a bit unsteady - says "I've been sick.") He's 103 - yeah, one hundred and three). No cane, no walker, no wheelchair. All health is mostly intact, but requests I write for pickup instead of calling (his hearing is shot). He's a widower, buys mutual funds (his son/sole heir is a churn 'em and burn 'em broker but doesn't lose too much) and there's enough money to last another century, so everybody's happy (including me - decent fee guaranteed & no complaint). Maybe God's in his heaven and all's right (well, mostly) with the world after all.
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    Isn't that against the Geneva Conventions against cruel and unusual punishment?
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    In 15 minute increments?
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    We know better Rita. Some of us have been to your home and seen how beautiful the garden grows. Who knew hugging was such a good fertilizer. Tom Modesto, CA
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    Judy, We are always here to listen. I will be saying prayers for you and your family. It is so tough to be the main caregiver and communicator. I so much appreciate everyone on this site that answers question when they are busy or listen to me whine about my family and their problems. For some reason, it is a bit easier for me to type my feelings, because I have been worn out for the last few months talking on the phone or texting family about all of the medical issues going on. I am finally used to the idea that my son is going to have to postpone his 5/30 wedding. Everyone has been looking forward to it, because it was going to be a fun party and we all needed it. We have more than 10 people in the immediate family, so it would be pretty boring just to have the parents. Hang in there everyone and thanks again for being here 24/7. Bonnie
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    Possi - prayers for your family. Judy, I empathize with what you're going through. It's hard to know what's best to do during this crazy time. I would like to join the respite board for the 'I'm bored and a bit anxious -- maybe I'll bother my accountant' call recipients. Grrrr.
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    Catherine, waiting for her next client.... Bill, enjoying his mid day lunch...... Margaret, just kicking back with her favorite snack..... Everybody else, just trying to keep office spirits High.....
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    I am here, but was working at my other office earlier where I don't generally log in to the forum. It has been NUTS. People at home, bored, who call to "chat" since we can't possibly be busy. Text messages. Emailed responses to questions coming one at a time instead of answering several questions at once, so I/we have to pore over multiple emails to dredge out answers. People stopping in - but calling from outside the door for us to meet them even though the door has a note "unlocked - please come in" - and then *they* want to stand there and chat. I would love to know when *I* get to be bored to tears - cuz it ain't happening. Prayers offered for your cousin's boyfriend, @Possi and I'll get my church's prayer email list working on it, too. How awful - but SO glad your cousin was there, and was armed with that metal pole.
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    Just the COVID-19 forum! It's snowing here. I think I'm in the twilight zone.
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    Hubby and I have been tipping well (better than well) minimum wage workers, food service workers, etc. And, giving earlier to our church and two local food pantries; food pantries are overwhelmed providing food to families whose children are home and not receiving free breakfasts and lunches at school. We on the ground can often see who in our community needs help better than a distant government can. Turn your check over to your town social worker for her to disburse. You can put it to good use.
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    First the IRS has to reprogram their computers, get new schema to software companies; software companies reprogram and get tested by IRS. Finally, software companies issue updates to us. I'm telling my clients to use IRS's DirectPay for now.
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    I love them for being remote and paperless, but when the W2 is almost 3 ft x 2 ft, it triggers my patience mantra.
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    Thank you. Perfectly timed, and with our dearest friends. Gives me time to reflect, and to not think of the nightmare of dealing with two (my grandmother too) intestate passing's with a (now highly valued as commercial property) home involved, that a reclusive relative (with half interest in the property) lives in now. I guess I am the first generation "grown up" in my family. I had been working on a folder for my personal items for those I eventually leave behind, and I have promised myself to get my things in one place first. I promised to not leave a mess for my heirs...
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    Yep, I'm the toilet paper culprit. But to answer the question seriously, I've made a major change in my work plan today. I spent the past week and a half in India, having returned on Friday night. I had initially planned to limit personal contact for most of the coming week, simply because there are a host of viruses it's easy to pick up when traveling internationally. (India itself has an incredibly low incidence of Wuhan Virus cases so far) This afternoon I received a link from a relative who is a family practice physician. Even allowing for the fact that it might be an overreaction, the article got my attention. I also trust the judgment of the person who provided me with the article. She's a very good doctor practicing in Seattle, so she's in the middle of the storm. I'm refusing to meet with anyone this week, and probably next week as well, at least until we see more data on the pattern of expansion of the Wuhan Virus. Clients who won't mail in their info or leave it in my drop box will have to agree to an extension. (We're close to my informal extension cutoff date anyhow, so I'm just accelerating it). I can do this fairly easily because I'm transitioning into retirement so my volume of returns is decreasing by design. Also I really don't care if someone can't live with these changes - they're welcome to go somewhere else since that's a decision they're going to have to make within a couple of years anyhow. I'm also going to follow special procedures in handling the info that does come in. I know everyone can't follow this type of plan because not all of you are transitioning into retirement. But whatever you do, you might want to read the article I'm linking below and then make your decisions on next steps. I'm risking being an alarmist in posting this, but if I don't and then the worst-case scenario begins to unfold, I'd be wishing I had done this. (I've stared at this post for about 20 minutes before hitting the "submit key") https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2020/03/a-covid-19-coronavirus-update-from-concerned-physicians.html?fbclid=IwAR2T8za3H5PDKOLiNYolFlrEfDf_bNyewJPMAxgTMhKhIvjadMUpqqqLy8M
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    I agree and I disagree. There is a HUGE push towards panic by the media looking for clickbait. So the panic is most decidedly being pushed. Cui bono? Who benefits? What important issues are no longer in the public eye? Distraction works, no doubt. However, there is a long time between exposure and symptoms, but not between exposure and sharing the wealth (as it were), which means that for every case known, there are up to hundreds that are not yet known. The emergency measures are a good idea, but not because it's "so dangerous" rather it's logistics. Most people who get this will have mild cases; the younger the milder - so with kids it's almost un-noticeable. Serious cases tend to be those compromised (by age, by pre-existing condition, by smoking, by local pollution levels, by general sanitation, and more). That's a big factor in the seriousness they had in China; older population living crowded with bad sanitation, some of the world's worst pollution levels, and adult male smoking rates near 50%. If you get a boatload of serious cases needing ICU support *at once* you overwhelm the system. Then death rates skyrocket, because people who could recover with care can't get the care because the necessary equipment is in use for someone else. Plus anyone who has another health issue (bad accident, heart attack, who knows - acute scrofula, fer gosh sake) also cannot get care. Health workers are exhausted; they get sick. Or make sloppy, exhausted-people errors. When you slow down transmission, that overwhelmed system does NOT happen. The serious cases can all get attention, because there is space within the system to provide it. Death rates plummet. They found in the Spanish Flu in 1918 that cities like St Louis, that instituted school shut-downs etc earlier (before there were any cases in the city) had incidence rates and death rates far lower than cities like Denver, that didn't shut down until after cases cropped up. (Side note: as it turns out, a lot of the young, healthy people who died in the 1918 incident died from massive *aspirin* overdose - Bayer had a new drug, and was recommending dosage levels that turned out to be lethal. That got covered up for them, but the symptoms presented of hemorrhage etc in the younger victims were not signs of flu, but rather of aspirin overdose.) Transmission rates are high, yes - but transmission rates are far higher for measles or chicken pox. I remember being sent to the neighbor's house when the three boys had measles, so my brother and I would catch it and get it over with. We shared lollipops with them. Neither my brother nor I got measles. I'm sure most of us here are old enough that we remember similar events. Death rates will go DOWN as more cases are identified. There are so many mild cases simply not being reported currently that death rates are over-stated since those diagnosed are largely the more-seriously ill cases. If you are under 70 or so and healthy (and don't smoke or vape), there is a very low chance of having a serious case. Those who do get a serious case need substantial care for a longer than normal (for a flu or pneumonia) time. So slowing the rate of incidence of all cases will keep us better able to treat anyone who needs more help than a box of tissues, motrin, and chicken soup.
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    Thanks, John. Now we know where the toilet paper all went.
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    I just bought a box of Bic pens for clients to use (the few that come to pick up/sign/pay) and take with them. Those pens will be segregated from the ones I use on a regular basis. Other than that, business as usual - cleanliness, hand sanitizer, hand washing, mailing as many returns as possible. Most of my clients mail or upload their info.
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    Now we just need to lock our doors and have clients slip records through the mail slot, or do everything over the internet.
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    A visitor from Holland was chatting with his American friend and was jokingly explaining about the red, white and blue in the Netherlands flag. "Our flag symbolizes our taxes," he said. "We get red when we talk about them, white when we get our tax bill, and blue after we pay them." "That's the same with us," the American said, "only we see stars, too." ...Why I had to quit doing tax returns...
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    I was waiting for the punchline, but here is something to cheer you up: Losing His Memory The man looked a little worried when the doctor came in to administer his annual physical, so the first thing the doctor did was to ask whether anything was troubling him. "Well, to tell the truth, Doc, yes," answered the patient. "You see, I seem to be getting forgetful. No, it's actually worse than that. I'm never sure I can remember where I put the car, or whether I answered a letter, or where I'm going, or what it is I'm going to do once I get there -- if I get there. So, I really need your help. What can I do?" The doctor mused for a moment, then answered in his kindest tones, "Pay me in advance."
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    Hey, they must be friends or relatives of my clients...or use the same barber.
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    to all my ATX brothers and sisters. Every since the filing date got moved to July 15th, I have been in vacation mode. Nobody's bringing stuff in, or wanting stuff done, but I do have a ton of work still to do. But I'm so unmotivated. And now every body and their brother is asking about the CARE laws - nooooo - I haven't studied it yet. It's too early for CPE....... I just want to stay in bed with the rest of my lazy family.
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    I'm not getting the "home and bored" calls, just dozens of panicked emails from small business clients who are trying not to go under, with questions about all the various provisions. There's so much news floating around, plus all the things that 45 says and I have to explain to clients aren't actually real, or are only proposals. It's all a muddle at this point! I'm high-risk, so I'm only going to the post (where I can drop off and pick up without going to the counter or standing in line), the bank drive thru, and my chiro doc. But like many of you, I'm a natural introvert, so this isn't that different from usual. I do have a niece nearby who I'll ask to do some shopping for me at some point. But it being tax season, i was already stocked up pretty well. A lot of restaurants here are trying to survive by switching to curbside pickup, or delivery, so trying to support them. I do find I really want good hearty comfort food! Otherwise, I'm still trying to get caught up with the returns I have. I'll probably send out reminder emails later this week to the folks who haven't come in yet, reminding them that if they get refunds, or have estimated taxes, we want to get those returns done, and they should mail or drop off their stuff.
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    Turn off the ringers on your phones.
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    Prayers to all of you and your families. When family things (and that includes pets) hit during tax season, it adds hours to our busy days. Venting here is a sanity saver for me many, many times; so I hope it works for all of you as well. Where else can we vent to people who are in the same boat, or at least understand from times when they were in the same boat? The new regulations coming almost daily keep us busy reading and answering phone calls (can I just record a message that says, "It hasn't been voted on yet; we don't know yet."?). Usually Hubby would be down at the church for hours each week practicing and meeting and directing choir practice plus teaching piano lessons; now he's home and shoving his tablet in my face to show me the latest video with liturgical music I don't even understand. I would send him to get signatures and deliver tax folders, but now I'm doing everything electronically and won't even send him to the PO to mail folders until it's safe to stand in lines again. But, he's a sweetie and cooks dinner and cleans what I ask him to for me. And, I'd be talking to myself (I still do) if he weren't here. I'm not getting a lot of returns filed so am glad I have until 15 July without having to utter the word Extension to my clients. Stay home or, at least, locked down; stay safe; and stay healthy! And, talk to us all to keep us sane. Thanks, all, for being here with me.
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    Notified all my remaining clients I'm not meeting with anyone between now and at least Apr 15 (although probably well beyond that date due to the Wuhan Virus). Some I called, most I sent an email or text. They can either mail their info or put it in the slot in my office door, which is locked when I'm there but I'm not opening it for anyone. Everyone gets an extension unless I can complete the return on a "first pass" with whatever info they give me. Going to the beach Thursday for a long weekend and determined not to let taxes or clients be a source of stress. There are more important things in life.
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    The headline is incorrect. Mnuchin urged folks to meet the 4/15 filing deadline if possible, especially those receiving refunds. Those who could not file by 4/15 still must file an extension. The 90 days suggested in the article are 90 days to PAY, penalty and interest free; full details will be provided in the bill passed by the Senate and signed by the President. Until pen hits paper it's still speculation.
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    AND this year, Cinco De Mayo falls on Taco Tuesday! It's what we've all been training for, according to @RitaB!
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    I have lots of "remote" clients but am pushing for all the rest to upload to my portal, mail/UPS/FedEx, fax, or use the mail slot in my front door. I'm using eSign when possible (NY won't accept any type of electronic signature) and otherwise use my portal for delivering signature pages, return to review, payment vouchers if not paying electronically, etc. I mail tax folders after e-files are accepted. We do wipe the front door handles and mail slot now, as well as all door knobs and light switches and bathroom counter/fixtures and my desk. I'm washing my hands before and after handling each client's documents. I have a bottle of sanitizer on my desk and a small bottle in my purse and tissues on the desk. It's a home office. I have a couple of biz clients that I work at their sites; haven't been to one lately, but was at the other on Wednesday and took my wipes to wipe down the desk and chair before and after I worked and had my hand sanitizer with me but washed my hands frequently, didn't shake their hands, etc. They were using paper towels in their bathroom instead of cloth towels as in the past. My clients are mostly long-time, so lots of hugs and even kisses and, at least, handshakes. But, not this year. Just smiles. I love the idea of pens, taking them with. I'd done that with pens with my info on them for years but didn't buy any this year. Still the mug of pens for clients (mostly handouts from seminars and samples mailed by imprint companies) -- I'm going to have them take them with them as they use them. I do keep the pens I use on the other side of me to NOT loan to clients. Going to be extra careful about that now. Thanx, Lynn. I got some push back from a couple of older women who drive a fair distance to come to me. We struck a compromise: they'll drop off in my mail slot; I'll call their cell with any questions; they'll return to sign (they won't use a computer and don't trust the mail) at my front door or front hall, not my office. We usually do a fair amount of chatting at their appointments, but this year we did that on the telephone instead. Signatures and out of my house. I think they want to sit in their car in my driveway for hours while I prepare two sets of returns!
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    I think we're all bumping into these types of issues at this time of year. We know exactly what the outcome should be, but how to tell the software? I spent the good part of the morning on a return with foreign income exclusion. That was the easy part, fighting with the software took a lot longer. Diagnostic that address was incomplete. Well, I didn't enter a city or state because she lived in France, duh. Same with employer EIN. I just kept going to the help screens in UT and eventually got it worked out but it took a lot of time. These types of events show why we are tax Professionals. We know what the result should be, and if the form doesn't match our expectations we have to figure out how to tell it what to do.
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    My grandmother lived to be 103. The funeral director said he ran out of magnetic flags for the cars, because he never had so many great-grandchildren old enough to drive!
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