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    Unless of course, it was something he was dying to give...
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    I was remote supporting a client for QuickBooks this morning, and after I deleted his duplicate transaction, he asks, 'can you check my backup to make sure my QuickBooks data file is being backed up?' First I looked in QB and it was not prompting for a backup every time you close, so I set that up to back up to his documents folder. When you upgrade QB, your backup settings and some print settings (like check font) do not rollover with your data file. Who knows where Intuit even stores that info. QB should walk you through the backup options the first time you close any new or rolled over data file. The I looked at his CrashPlanPro backup settings and it defaulted to backing up only his user profile. Well, QB uses the Public user profile to store the data file so his QB data file was not even being backed up. He had gone an entire year with zero backups of his QB data! Why, after 40+ years of computer use, software companies haven't agreed upon a single location where all data and user configuration settings are stored so backups can be easily done is a testament to our stupidity. I have several programs that store data in the user folders. Some (like ATX) store it in a hidden system folder (Brilliant!) and others store data and/or settings in the program folder. I'm lucky to have been involved with computers since the mid-70s, but the average user shouldn't have to be a detective to find out where their data and settings are stored and then make sure those locations are included in the backups!
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    Hey that reminds me of a post a couple years ago where a member here was spotted in a photo while snoozing at a live seminar. Personally, I prefer webinars so I can snooze at my own desk.
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    I've personally found the online, webinar or self-study to require more "concentration" than going to a live event. I've gone to many live CPE classes offered by the well known course providers, including CPA Societies. Many of the individuals who attend these live events are either doing personal work or surfing the Internet. At least self-study requires some type of validation, either through a test of some means of substantiating your participation. Anyone who wants to simply "buy" their CPE will do so whether they attend in person or purchase self-study.
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    Umm! Jack, you do know that people learn by different means. You do know that, Jack, don't you.? There are four primary types of learning - visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. (the last one we can leave out). Some people do better with one than with another. Obviously, you do best with seminars. Others do better by other means. And a lot of people can not afford the time or expense of a seminar. I, for one, prefer self study to seminars. Seminars try to cover to much information so, that at the end, I doubt that anyone clearly remembers 20% of what was presented. With self-study you can go at your own pace. You can go over material until it is fully understood and you can save it for a reference. Now the initial question here, was about a course for TCJA. Jack do you really believe that if someone is interested in that subject, they are just doing it to "buy" credits? Are you serious? Did you even think about what you wrote, before you set yourself up as judge and jury? If someone wanted to buy credits they would take courses they had taken before and just retake them every year. The TCJA has to be studied and learned, so no "buying" here. The SequioaCPA isn't chosen for price. It was chosen because I think it is superior to several others I've tried. For example one company had a course on real estate and dedicated over 30 pages to history of RE tax legislation going back to the 1970's and other outdated material. They had other courses like that and I wrote them scathing reviews. Don't know if they ever changed. I'll leave it at that for now.
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    I use Carbonite and it shows me what is being backed up with a little green dot. Even still, I have to check it often to be sure it's being done. So, I'm still a detective, just not a real good one. Off topic; @RitaBdidn't realize that PMS was first documented in the Bible. It says, "Mary rode Joseph's ass all the way to Bethlehem." Or something like that. I'm glad I could validate her. Maybe this can help others, too. You're welcome.
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    Every practitioner has his/her preferences for how they obtain their CPE and what they look for in the way of results. I have long ago stopped at going to these for-profit factories of national programs, as they are primarily in business to use registration lists as feeders for other products and services they provide. My preferences at this point are either online webinars sponsored by or associated with professional societies that are geared towards issues effecting a great majority of its members, as well as self-study CPE purchased from certain specific publishers I have great satisfaction from because their references materials are excellent so long as the law remains unchanged. Yes - I do use cpaacademy.com because the courses are free.
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    I get my one on one networking here.
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    Just attended a performance where the handicapped bathroom was separate. I'm using a cane now (hip replacement scheduled for November). Women were going in Women or Handicapped in order. But, I waved my cane and cut the line in front of healthy women to go into Handicapped. Not sure if I can cut the line to a handicapped stall in an otherwise combined women's restroom with one long line out the door. But, I guess I'll find out soon. Last summer on our way home from ASP, the men's room emptied out so we women started using it with one woman stationed outside in case nonASP civilian men came by. But, the ladies' room thinned out, our "guard" went in, and I exited the men's room to a large group of boys looking very confused !!
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    Well, as you can see, everyone has their likes and dislikes. It's sort of like fried eggs. You can have 'em sunnyside up, over easy, runny or solid, or you can have 'em the Spanish way. Now, the Spanish way is the way my wife used to cook them, because - well because, she is Spanish. They get fried at a high heat so the underside gets a little burnt and the white gets bubbles in them that break open and turn into something like hardened plastic as they get filled with frying oil. Took a while, maybe 10 years or so, before she finally got the hang of it. That's when I went back to eating fried eggs. (Every once in a while she slips up, but I forgive her for it. (Old habits are hard to kick).
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    It does not matter how decedent used the property. For example in Marx(5 TC 173) court determined a yacht willed from husband to wife was investment property where wife put it up for sale after death of husband and was loss was allowed. The fact that she never used it for personal use proved her profit motive under section 165(c)(2). In another case, Watkins (TC MEMO 1973-167) husband was willed personal residence from wife. The court ruled property was held for investment since heir / husband decided to put it up for sale within a week of wife's death. Therefore he proved his profit motive per section 165(c)(2). It did not matter that the house had been his residence while wife was alive. It also did not matter that he lived in it for a short period of time after it was bequeathed to him. What mattered was that he was able to prove his intent was to sale it and was allowed to deduct loss. So in the case of your client, it appears his thought was "heck I might as well sale this junk and make a little money off of it". There is your profit motive per section 165(c)(2).
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    People have differences in how they absorb and retain information, and hopefully we are utilizing those methods that suit each of us best. Most of my CPE now comes from webinars and self-study, and I don't miss the the higher prices, travel, or distractions from other participants for some of the exact same seminars that I take online. This year I purchased an unlimited package that includes both webinars and for self-study, NOT because I need more credits and certainly NOT to buy credits, but because I have access to this company's entire catalog of materials that are excellent reference materials. That's a huge bonus on top of the CPE credits that I EARN and makes the price all the more reasonable.
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    I like my local NY/CT-ATP for networking in my area and the CCH User Conference to meet staff (a biz card with a direct line to a tech support manager is my treasure); both give outstanding courses with nationally-known instructors. But, I don't learn much from preparers out of my area, too many geographical differences. When I find a single topic I like/need, I try to get it as a webinar so as not to waste time traveling for only 1-2 CEs. I read everything I can (all those journals that come with my memberships), take webinars/archived webinars, and local and CCH live courses, a little bit of everything, depending on my needs each year. For example, this year with hip replacement approaching, I'm not traveling to seminars, just the local ones and online.
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    Ha, Ha! - I love an unbiased assessment, John. But I suspect we'll all go on with our preferences - Jack with "in person", Max with Sequoia, me with California, and you with online. For outstanding commentary, I herewith suggest your rating be upped from Supreme Guruness to, umm, maybe...Grand Poobah. P.S. Say Catherine, couldn't y'all just "identify as a man" and stand in the short line. I cain't think of anybody who'd object. J
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    Everybody's different. I find most seminars a colossal wast of valuable time, usually because the pace is boring. I've attended a few that were truly interesting, but they're the exception rather than the rule. And the valuable time consumed traveling to and from is a total waste. Online works best for me.
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    Hi Jack, Like Edsel, I still like you too. For one, I used to swipe your tax tips off another board years ago. For two, as lots of people know, you're a pretty nice guy even though being a Missourian "show-me" sort. This is not to say Max is mean (he once spoke kindly to me) or wrong about his tough Sequoia stuff (sounds like deep-reading) but I kinda had it figured like you that if it wasn't "live" it wasn't so hot. When I used to go to seminars I couldn't always "spot" a slacker or (like the ex-president) "look into the soul" of a classmate, but a husband and wife team came every year - she pulled out her knitting needles and clickety-clacked away (didn't bother to open her book) for two days while he took notes. That seemed spot-worthy. But (and telling you this is like being sent to the principal's office) I'm "buying" all my hours now by mail from some off-the-wall outfit in California. It's expensive, but it's open-book and as a rep once told me "Nobody's ever flunked these courses!" However, I did once give a scathing review to a receptionist who was rude to me. Anyway, I'm still speakin' even if we're in opposite camps. By the way, I think Edsel's right about the dress code. While I used to get to wear my dapper ties 'n' threads to seminars, now I've reverted to somethin' like -- hmm...there's an old Turner Classic movie wherein the departing colonial bwana of a Malaysian rubber plantation deep in the jungle says to the newly-arrived overseer, "First, you'll stop shaving...... P.S. Max- you can scramble the eggs in a paper bowl & microwave for 100 seconds - not as good/bad as Spanish fried, but it'll do. ____________________________________________ "Far from the madding crowd's ignoble strife." Gray - Elegy in a Country Churchyard
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    In a live course, the line for the women's room during a break is around the block!
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    Exactly. I've been to seminars where I didn't learn a thing and I've been to ones where I learned a lot. I prefer the low cost of online courses, plus I use the course materials for reference materials. Online schooling is the way of the future. Even live seminars should be done online to save travel costs, pollution, spread of the flu, etc., and I've done a few live online seminars. They pop up a 'test' to make sure you're still there. Bathroom breaks need to be timed carefully, though.
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    Mainly people "buy" a certain number of hours but they are required to take courses and take exams to get those hours. Without doing that, the money was wasted and there are no hours to show for it. I've sat through mind-numbingly BORING live seminars, fallen asleep at times (hey, there's - or was - a picture of Jack crashed out at a seminar somewhere, I recall; it was very funny), and been aggravated at pathetically slow pace on others. Some online classes have been stupid, some fabulous. Some self-study has been not worth the effort to click through it, and some has been terrific. I have not found good classes, that appeal to me, on the new law as applied to corp's and p-ships. I want some, and figured I'd ask. The worth to ME is in what I learn - and I don't much give a hoot as to the style (self, webinar, live, trapeze), as long as it's well-done.
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    I wouldn't reach any conclusions until I had my client check to see how much was debited from their checking account.
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    I bought the CPE247 unlimited package on 12/31/17 that gives me unlimited CPE for one year. I've already taken 80 hours and plan on taking at least 40 more before the end of the year.
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    I have been using Sequoia CPE for the last several years and recently downloaded their 300 page course on the TCJA. I like their methodology where questions are asked at the end of each of the 18 chapters, to which the answers are provided. A sample final exam is also included . You can check out the table of contents without having to log in. www.sequoiacpe.com/
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    Reading this thread drives home the point that I am a total luddite. I was proud of myself this year for simply scanning documents in to dropbox as they came in. ***Sigh***
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    When I go to live seminaries, the first thing I do is to find out what's for lunch while I get some coffee and "continental" breakfast. The next thing I remember is that I am sleeping after drinking my coffee. Then it is lunch time, I normally eat a lot so a nap is in order. After my nap, I go and sign my name on the attendance list and voila... the organizers are happy because they got my money, I am happy that I got 8 CPE credits and the IRS is happy because I am studying. I guess I agree with Jack, seminaries make everybody happy. I know Jack... I should request a refund because I didn't learn anything... but then again, why will I risk my 8 CPE credits? I have used www.webce.com/ (apluscpe.com) some years and some other years I have attended Bob Jennings of TaxSpeaker seminars, I have taken live seminars and on line courses from www.natptax.com and I have taken live courses from the Maryland Society of Accounting and Tax Professionals. All of them have some good stuff but Taxspeaker seminars are a bit expensive and again you will get 8 credits as long as you keep your chair warm.
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    I have efiled about a half dozen 2015's in the last two months. They can be efiled up to mid-Nov when the IRS closes down efiling.