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  1. I DO use it when the mud gets deep. It has given me the answer that I couldn't find anywhere else, every once in a while. That being said, I think 5 should be sufficient. We have an outdoor wood-burner; so mine are starting to turn to ashes. How much reference material can we keep for our heirs to throw out?
  2. I wish there was a button for this post. Of course, Margaret and I understand that we no longer have families to support. We both enjoy working and are able to feed our personal pleasures and pay it forward at the same time. After years and years of hard work, we are able to treat ourselves and not suffer financially. I love to read and during tax season, I stock the "to be read" pile and my husband cannot say a word either.
  3. I can't quote an across the board increase because it depends on the individual return and what the client has added or removed. I charge by the client and the work entailed. I take into consideration the circumstances of the client as well. Everyone will throw their hands in the air and say "Poor, silly girl should know better", but that doesn't change my way of thinking. If I have learned anything in my 80 years; it is that what goes around, truly does come around. I have never considered this business to be all about money. Not to say that money isn't great. It is! And sharing it is even more wonderful as long as you don't go without something yourself. I will raise some; keep some the same and charge most new clients more than I normally would. Each set of circumstances is different in this office.
  4. mcb39

    ATX 2022

    And what a pleasure for all of us to have you with us for three more years; that is if we all last that long!
  5. mcb39

    ATX 2022

    I have three computers and use them all, but not necessarily all at once. I still install stand alone as one computer is off site and everything has to come through me for e-filing anyway. This was the easiest install I have had in a while, but I still HATE waiting for that code for the second password.
  6. I would consult your Hardware Guru about that one. I highly doubt it will work and I don't believe ATX is fully supporting Windows 11 yet.
  7. mcb39

    ATX 2022

    The first draft of the 2022 Max and other programs are ready for download. I was successful with one yesterday, although I have not had time to open it yet. The devil is getting that password figured out. It went smoother than last year though.
  8. I don't believe for a minute that they don't care. Of course, some of them don't; but the majority do and show it. During the course of the season, we get candy, flowers and everything from pizza to maple syrup and an occasional hot lunch. I don't expect them to come to my funeral, which is going to be private anyway. I can't begin to list the things that they bring, but the best are the hugs (sans Covid), the smiles and the "I"m so glad to see you" when they come through the door. They love that I am training a girl who wants to run a business just like mine and will someday. I've been around too long not to be able to spot the ones who don't care in a personal way and they don't get treated any differently than the rest. Many of my clients are my age (or almost) so along come their children and now their grandchildren. I tell each and every client that he or she is the most important person in this room at the moment and they are free to tell or ask me anything. When they get fired, it is because they deserve it and they can go and be the most unimportant person to someone else. Happy Thanksgiving All!!!
  9. Absolutely!! Once I got the nerve to do that the first time, it got easier. The relief is immeasurable and the time that is freed up can double or triple the income from that one problem client. Being polite and professional is a must, but there is no excuse for rudeness, excessive demands and complaints on their parts. I even had to cry one time; but handed them their final return with depreciation schedules and said Goodbye. Guess what, some of their relatives are still good clients.
  10. I feel that loyalty to longtime clients is more important than raising their fees. Turning them loose in a world where everyone is raising fees is just wrong. I have found, because many of my clients have been with me for 20 plus years; they understand when I give them a slight raise, but I also give them special consideration. Every year, I lose a few or more through death or no longer having to file. Every year I also gain new clients; almost always through referral; occasionally through the IRS website. These are the clients who get the raise because I am still less costly than the par. I already have new clients calling because their old preparers are cutting back or retiring. Since I am training a replacement, it doesn't worry me to take on new business. Absolutely, if circumstances change; they buy another rental or two; they open another LLC; whatever the reason; they are reasonable enough to know that they will have to pay more. If they are a huge annoyance to me, they get fired; and that has happened a time or two. Two years ago I had one come back after 9 years and ask kindly if she could come back and she has been a model client ever since. Just had a client come through the door. Have to run.
  11. Sounds like an awful lot. But, then, I send my farm returns to you. Shipping of milk is becoming a dying industry in Wisconsin; so I suppose it is possible for one company to have an unusually large route. Why are we still doing this D?
  12. I totally agree that pictures are not to be tolerated. I have clients in other states and the time wasted on a document I can't read is not allowed. A texted screen shot is a crying shame. I want original or PDFs of the documents or I get a little crabby. A few clients are thoughtful enough to make copies of pertinent info before they bring it in. If they bring in originals, they get them back with a red check mark which means that they are entered.
  13. Personally, even though I know I am old-fashioned, I still like paper. From the same standpoint, I won't read an E-book. I want the paper in my hands and I read a LOT. I don't mind a pile of junk. It gets annoying at times, but I would rather have too much info than not enough. I just had a young man walk in the door with an amended K-1 for 2020 and his paperwork for 2021. Wowza!!! I never met him before because his mother always brought his info in. Apparently he decided to become an adult. BUT, they have their Partnerships prepared by another accountant and he just finished with the K1s for 2021. Will be interesting to see where this one ends up.
  14. Tom, I have to tell you that my husband is in the automobile business; which keeps me pretty busy also. BUT, of interest to you is the fact that they (he and our boys) get all of their cars and trucks to sell from Texas. Rust free vehicles in Wisconsin is a BIG ASSET! Works well for them and kudos to your state. We all love TX and I sure miss seeing the Bluebonnets the last few years.
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