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  1. I really fail on the upside down this year. Embarrassing and Unprofessional.
  2. I experienced zero crashing. Overall, the program was the only help that I had. As many have said, the Comparison sheet was what told the truth and every client got one. Many extensions to go. We cannot rule out the Schedule A in WI, because many, many times some of the deductions flow through to the WI return. I had WAY too many people who owed a LOT. That's a hard situation to deal with, unless the client understands. From beginning to end, the worst tax season that I have ever had.
  3. Been through this once already this year. If an unmarried couple live together with THEIR child; the parent with the highest income MUST claim the child for HOH, CTC and EIC. I read and read and found it very clearly stated on page 4-11 of Quickfinder. These are the tie breaking rules for this particular situation and killed the EIC. I highlighted and marked the page in case it comes up again. Dad had to take it all. Mom ends up owing. If you analyze it in your mind, you know that this is fair.
  4. However, there are cases where the girlfriend qualifies the taxpayer as HOH under the rules of Other Relative. For instance; if she is not required to file a tax return.
  5. Needed half a filing cabinet to contain it all...........
  6. One sided here and financial institutions want PAPER. We closed on a rental property this past summer and YOU SHOULD SEE THE PAPER!
  7. At least they have finally given us a filing date. Will it hold water and will the software be ready?
  8. Sara could have been reading my mind when she wrote her post. My reply is "all of the above". In 40 years I have never felt so inadequate and unprofessional. Confusion is rampant. I don't feel ready even though I, too, have been studying and attending classes. I have many printouts, but it appears that some of the issues we need to address this year have not even been fully enacted. Even the instructors are unable to instruct. Let's hope that we can get through this together and with each others help.
  9. mcb39

    Merry Happy

    Catherine, you said it all for those of us who wish to extend Greetings.
  10. So many questions are rolling in. Do I know the answers? Not always. My classes are late this year and will be held on December 2 and 3. I did order "Tax Planning for Individuals" 2018 Edition from Quickfinder and it has been a tremendous help. I did consider hanging it up, but this is too much of a challenge to miss out. Also, financial security is always an issue. We purchased a rental house in July. I just want to wish all of you the best of the best of tax seasons. Also, Happy Holidays to all.
  11. I had to call support because I was locked out of My ATX. Very nice and patient gentleman fixed it for me and I was able to download easily. You can expect a few quirks at the beginning; expecially with the triple password system.
  12. Jack, as you know, I am not networked. Have no issues with rollovers on the laptop. The main thing is that she exports to the jump drive and I import it into my desktop. That is my preference as she is not and probably never will be able to take a return from beginning to end. Has been working well for 3 years now. Her data entry is quite precise and seldom do I have to fix anything. Again, two heads are better than one.
  13. I have the same situation. Not networked, but one installation on my desktop and two on laptops. I used the installation code that they gave me and installed on the laptop quite easily. At first, I was locked out of my account. It has always been my preference not to network. My assistant works on the stand alone laptop; saves her work to a jump drive and I can then import her work into my desktop and finish and file it. Works great!
  14. Obviously I have been gone too long. I will have to relearn this site.
  15. I believe the early applications were for preparers who were going for the AFSP. I applied with no issues.
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