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  1. Absolutely. After next week, two weeks off to ride on my Gator, plant flowers, just read and sleep on a dead end road in the middle of a forest. Still plenty of work to do,, but they can wait. If the IRS has a backlog of 16.4 million, as I read last week; I guess I can have a backlog of twenty or so. I ordered my renewal program yesterday. See you all next year.
  2. By the way, last year it was a John Deere Gator to help my weary legs around our 40 acres of Forest Land. This year it was a new refrigerator and a reset and shine for my 62 year old wedding rings. Life is good.
  3. This comes the closest to me. In central Wisconsin, partially rural; pretty low income. I don't have a base charge unless it would be $95. I am the odd girl out as my price is based totally on the person, situation, ability to pay, etc. We grew up poor, have always been low income, but we have done well and live the life we want to live. We have managed our money, Karma paid us several times and we feel rich and fortunate. My business has paid its own way and built a cushion. My husband's business has built equity and paid its own way. Therefore, my pricing is not to make a fortune, but to provide a quality service for rich and poor alike. I like money as much as the next person and I treat myself to something every tax season, but I am running out of wants at my advanced age. I don't compete with anyone. My small business filed a total of 253 Federal tax returns this year. Anything from simple Homestead claims to High end Partnerships, and everything in between. Lots of LLCs, many Rentals and many, many state returns. I don't charge for kids in school; because I want to keep them with their parents and I don't charge for Active Military. So,, I charge by the situation and pull a number out of my head. Now that I have an assistant trainee; I bring her into the pricing decision as, hopefully, she will carry on where I leave off. Happiness to all of you!
  4. I have never forgiven Intuit for what they did to Parsons Technology. Thankfully, I found Saber and away we went.
  5. I started this as a business in 1992 with Parsons Technology. I always kept a part time job until seven or eight years ago when I realized that I needed help with my own business. Added an addition to the house for a home office and away we went. Little by little, my business has entirely paid for itself, including the office addition. I have passed the 250 client mark and two years ago looked for and found an assistant. She is so totally with the program. I am teaching her as well as paying her and she is helping me in so many ways. Ultimately, everything that goes on here is on me because I have the credentials. Hopefully she will take over when I am ready to quit, but that time hasn't come yet. Once I get over this slump and finish my extensions, I will start preparing for next year. Our services are so sorely needed. Qualified preparers with integrity and the desire to serve are becoming more scarce every year. We are dedicated to our clients and they know how important they are to us.
  6. I am just feeling totally zapped. Of course, all of those extensions are sitting here and I have no desire to do them, but knot that I HAVE to. I would rather get them over now than be filing in October, but some have not even come in yet. I so looked forward to some time alone in the woods, but Wisconsin is having a really sketchy Spring. Weather is terrible and unpredictable. Really, all I want to do is read and sleep. I have 20 years on you, Judy, but still have no intention of quitting this crazy way of life. I just need to gather my thoughts and ambitions together and get them finished. to all of you.
  7. I am thinking it over as well. I have had the same sales rep for years and she is a sweetie, but I guess I will wait for her call and then decide.
  8. Pretty much the same here. Am working on Easter Sunday just because I have a client who is terrified of the IRS. Born and raised in Poland. Also, he is a Priest. Bless his heart. I know he is praying for me today.
  9. Believe me, that is not the situation here. I have more than enough to keep myself and my family comfortable. I like money as much as the next person, I just say that money is not the most important thing in my business. I am training a young lady to follow in my footsteps. We did see the lady who was crying on the phone and she also cried in my office. She had a legitimate reason as she recently lost her significant other to Covid and his family is affecting her life negatively. She is gainfully employed and only wants to change preparers because she doesn't trust the one that she and his family used in prior years. We are going to help her. I have been in this business for 30 plus years and it has built itself from pencil and paper to an office addition with four active and updated computers; several printers and plenty of supplies. I preach "having a cushion" and practice what I preach. We haven't used your software in several years, but are looking at it again because of inquiries. I am not taking on more than my assistant is comfortable with going forward. My business has always been, and always will be about the Client first. Thank you for your input. I totally agree.
  10. It appears that we all feel pretty much the same. I told my husband that I just cannot get motivated today and I am also so far behind with the bookkeeping for his business too. My entire family will be on extension, as well as several others. I still don't think we will make it. I will have help tomorrow and one more helper on Tuesday; but there is only so much that they can do. More new clients coming in this week. I actually had a lady crying on the phone because nobody would take her. I will. I am all about service, before money.
  11. My dude owed $57,000 to Federal alone. He had nothing withheld. $315,000 in conventional IRAs into Roths. How long will he have to hold those Roths to gain back what he lost? Anyone????
  12. My client is NOT a multi millionaire; nor do I know one.
  13. I just finished a client who owes a total of $73,000. to IRS and WI because he rolled a LOT of conventional IRAs into Roths. He said he would have had to pay the taxes sooner or later. Does anyone see anything wrong with his line of thought? I couldn't believe that he did this and then brought me a big, delicious chocolate torte for doing such a good job on his return. (Oh, he cashed in another IRA to pay the taxes)! What is wrong with people?
  14. Because lately every other taxpayer is starting up what they consider a "business" selling something. Mostly you have to pull the information out of them because they have no idea what they are doing as to SE, Inventory, COGS, mileage, etc; and ten to one; next year it will have disappeared.
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