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  1. Wisconsin announced this afternoon that they will not be following the IRS rules for excluding UCB from Income. They have issued exact guidance as to how to do the calculations on the WI returns.
  2. I won't have any PPP either that I know of. I almost had a same sex couple. They were planning on getting married in December, 2020, but postponed. I have at least one more year to worry about it. Still 2 single returns.
  3. Alas, the phone is starting to ring with the most mundane questions, such as "When will I get my stimulus?" How do you answer that when you have no idea. On the other hand, I am downloaded, updated and am training a new assistant. My former girl won't come in because of Covid. Well, we all have to deal with life in our own way and this may turn out to be a bonus for me because I found a girl who actually WANTS to learn. She has some experience and wants more and in view of my age, that is exactly what I need. Win/win for both of us. I have three computers updated with the new program do
  4. I have a Surface Pro and love it. I just had it completely updated. I don't use it for taxes though as I have all three licenses installed on computers in my office. The Surface Pro is a lovely toy and I have the keyboard as well.
  5. I understand. However, I feel that refurbished is just like brand new or better because they have been gone over and are guaranteed. I have never had a problem and none of my computers have ever failed. Updates and good IT along with backups and I don't worry.
  6. I saw almost that exact configuration for an HP on Woot.com for $529 refurbished. I bought mine last year from Tiger (also refurbished) and it is amazing. It's so nice that my IT man bought one as well and says it is the best computer he has ever had.
  7. This AM, I locked in for the waiver of a $49 deferral. I had to pay the tax and handling today. Will pay the balance on Dec 1. I just like to get it over with and they have been bombarding me with emails. This AM, I got a call. I'm with Margaret; maybe 2 more years, cutting back gradually. I had zero issues with the program this year. I am just so far behind with the lockdown and the money isn't flowing like it normally would be. Also, am unable to have any help in the office. Stay healthy, everyone
  8. So, how does this affect the payment of April and June extension payments?
  9. No, the statement that I read said that this was an extension on time to pay as well, with no penalties or interest.
  10. This would be so sweet as I have already lost 10 days due to my own illness. Now I am facing two funerals in the coming week. My assistant is out today and also was ill in January when I wanted to complete preparations for the tax season which dropped like a bombshell the last week in January. One way or another, we have to get it done.
  11. I really fail on the upside down this year. Embarrassing and Unprofessional.
  12. I experienced zero crashing. Overall, the program was the only help that I had. As many have said, the Comparison sheet was what told the truth and every client got one. Many extensions to go. We cannot rule out the Schedule A in WI, because many, many times some of the deductions flow through to the WI return. I had WAY too many people who owed a LOT. That's a hard situation to deal with, unless the client understands. From beginning to end, the worst tax season that I have ever had.
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