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  1. Depreciation equals allowed or allowable; which everyone seems to realize. These seem to be coming up fairly frequently lately; perhaps because of the housing market. Did you set up a depreciation schedule for him ten years ago, when he first came to you? I would consider all aspects when deciding on the pricing.
  2. I gave a little speech this year right before we prayed. Since my youngest Grandson and his wife just bought their first home and the entire family that my husband and I are the heads of, were here. I pointed out how thankful we are and how proud we are of all of them. I said that we were very thankful for the life we have built together over 64 years of marriage and hope that they all take something away from our example. However, this Great-Grandma is getting tired and it may soon be time to pass the torch. Since I don't have a daughter, they will have to figure that out. When I heard my Grandson say "Nobody's dressing tastes like Grandma's", my heart swelled. I am certainly not giving up on life or the work that I do in this office. It was just time to contemplate! And, then we prayed!
  3. mcb39

    Thank You

    The day after is a REALLY great day for the cook!!!
  4. I always have issues logging in as well; to the point where I want to scream. Today I tried to stay calm. Once in, installation went very smoothly and quickly. I am still using 10 for ATX.
  5. Not so bad this year. Once I got logged in, the download went smoothly. I also received my Record of Completion Credentials today. Tomorrow I can concentrate on cooking.
  6. Now the trick is to log into the web page. Am I the only one who always has trouble with that?
  7. Isn't that the truth? I don't have the oxygen but have been attending these classes since 2009. My goal is to take away at least one new item of knowledge as well as the certificate and the credential. Another successful year. Happy learning to all of you!
  8. Two full days of Webinars attended via Iowa State University. I hope that I am at least a little smarter. A lot to absorb in a couple of long days. However, I am one step closer to Tax Prep Season 2024.
  9. What's really neat, if you like history, and have a chance to read an abstract; do so. These were issued before title insurance became the vehicle of use. Abstracts can be many pages long and start out with the parent property. They go back through every sale and parcel breakoff. You will be amazed how many times a parcel or part of a parcel was sold over the years "for $1 and other valuable considerations. I have an abstract for the property that I live on because it originally belonged to my husband's Grandfather, approximately 6 generations ago. We also have a Quitclaim Deed with the same wording because abstracts were no longer in use when it was gifted to us for (you got it) $1 and other valuable considerations. We didn't pay a penny, but did a considerable amount of improvements in 50 years. If we were to sell it today, we would escape CG anyway because of it being our homestead property, as the law stands now. This subject fascinates me to no end.
  10. Nor, have I. We just recently purchased a plat of land in WI. My Warranty Deed only says "For a Valuable Consideration". Have the client do some digging for paperwork, cancelled check, etc on the actual sale. It is usually worth their while. I have had some dandies in the past few years, where the land was practically worthless when they got it, but they forget about all of the costs of purchase and sale and/or any improvements they have made over the years. You might be surprised ie: "Oh, I had a well put in, etc."
  11. mcb39


    Bear in mind that the return that the return is for 2021 and the filer did not pass until 2023. I would go ahead and file it because to all intents and purposes he was alive and an active participant in the Tax Year 2021.
  12. I can remember years ago keeping copies of all purchases, transactions, splits, etc and then spending hours adding back dividends. It was a great learning experience but there were way fewer clients of mine who had investments at that time. For whatever reason, I have never disposed of those transactions and they might be welcome in some IRS museum at some given time. We never had it easy in the early days and we don't have it easy now.
  13. I have never been able to access what I want from e-services. After much frustration, I just gave up and have not tried it for a few years now.
  14. Smooth as silk! One more hurdle over.
  15. That really doesn't solve anything because many of those preparers are volunteers with little knowledge of tax law or procedures. I totally stress filing timely even if they cannot pay and let the IRS handle it from there. Not necessarily a good solution; but you have done your due diligence and if they don't want to listen, it is on them. They would definitely be off the client list for the following year.
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