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  1. Lion EA

    IRS Seeking Comments on Postcard 1040

    NY did that a few years ago, so CT had to follow the next year.
  2. Lion EA

    Where is the 941?

    It was fillable in my Chrome.
  3. Lion EA

    Where is the 941?

  4. Lion EA

    Docu Sign

    I think the CCH is per form and not per person's signature, but again, I haven't used it yet. I have it because I know I'll need it at some point. When I complete a return, I have check boxes to send it to eSign, to the portal, to print, etc., for the client's copy.
  5. Lion EA

    Docu Sign

    I have the free license for CCH's eSign, but haven't used it yet. I think it's about $3 when you need authentication (Form 8879) and maybe $1 if you don't (engagement letter). I have it on hand just in case, because I don't pay anything until I use it. Then, a monthly invoice. See what your software offers.
  6. Lion EA

    3115 for understated basis for depreciation

    I think depreciating the wrong amount for two years is an impermissible method and can use Form 3115, but I haven't had a client need that so haven't researched it. You've done a good job with IRS info. And, you're being a good person to explain your results to your client and her new tax preparer. If the new preparer is filing the returns now, you can wash your hands of it; you've done all you can do.
  7. Lion EA


  8. Lion EA

    1040 PostCard

    I noticed a big jump in paper price at Staples not long ago. Did they have advance knowledge of the new Form 1040?!
  9. Lion EA

    1040 PostCard

    A year after NY added pages, CT simplified from 2 pages to 4. But, add pages if your have CT AMT, EIC, credits for taxes paid to other jurisdictions, ES, etc. And, CT threw in a page of instructions, which is silly if I'm e-filing their returns. And, a second page of instructions if there are ES payments. With tax "simplification" my job is secure!
  10. Lion EA

    TNSEA Annual Conference for 2018 in MS

    Stay out of Rita's back 40 !!
  11. Taxpayers can create an account to pay NY balances due &/or estimated taxes: https://www.tax.ny.gov/pay/ind/pay_income_tax_online.htm They can also mail in a money order to NY, if they don't have a checking account.
  12. I set my young clients up for direct debit, just like many of my clients of all ages. And, I give them the link to Direct Pay, too. HRB is not my competition. CPA firms are my competition, but I'm less expensive than they are. I'm still pricey, but don't have their overheard with OIH. More importantly, I offer service 24/7/365. Me, not the intern in the back room doing all the work while the partner only signs. Even my millennial clients appreciate service. They have no desire to learn a skill they'll use only once/year and won't improve their resume! I sometimes have to go all maternal on them, but they thank me for it !!
  13. Lion EA

    Summer Gathering

  14. Lion EA

    June 23 Get Together / Shameless Plug

    Judy, I'm getting hungry, too!! Rita you're a gem. I'll have to get to TN after getting my hip replaced, herniated disk fixed, etc. It's maintenance, maintenance, maintenance! I'm also missing Appalachia Service Project this summer in KY and WV. A group photo with names would be fun, too.