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  1. Does the LLC own an S corporation and another LLC (taxed as what? a sole proprietor? partnership?)? Or, did the LLC elect to be taxed as an S corporation and the original LLC/S corporation owns another LLC?
  2. Check the state laws of each relevant state. Many states have gone to Sales only to apportion income, and therefore income tax filing requirements. However, the payroll regulations of the state in which the employee performs work still rule for payroll taxes.
  3. Most of your professional organizations have 1040 webinars &/or live courses. Check their websites for locations near you or webinars. (I'm assuming since you're asking this question that you don't have a good teacher on your staff.) If your staff is large enough, check on bringing in a teacher, perhaps basic 1040 for your newbies and 1040 update for all. Tailor it to fit your firm's needs.
  4. If you're at all suspicious about his "tossed" 1099s, then make sure you keep/scan/whatever mode his P&L or his written/emailed statement of income received so you have documentation that he told you his revenues were $ X, just in case he gets that CP2000 a couple years from now. If he's sitting at your desk and saying his income was $ X, hand him paper and pen to write it down "for your file."
  5. My first grandson. Saturday we go to PA to visit my second granddaughter. Two grandbabies in six days in two states. Most kids just throw a party for their parents' 24th wedding anniversary, but our kids got together to present us with a grandson and a granddaughter! Even the babies cooperated by arriving earlier than their due dates to make their appearance in June. Or, the babies &/or their mothers are very competitive...
  6. The tie-breaking rules come into play if BOTH parents claim the child in the same year. Then, the IRS will apply the tie-breaker.
  7. This fall I need to buy a new desktop. And, hubby is probably buying a new desktop sooner. (I was going to do that last fall, but got a new hip instead.)
  8. My Win7 is now on Had problems updating and discovered some other updates I needed. Thanks all for posting this.
  9. Thank you all. Found it in Control Panel so time to update.
  10. Sneaky. It says "Version: " so that I can't tell what version I have! It's having trouble finding updates. Should I just uninstall SupportAssist?
  11. Just to be clear, you are talking about Windows 10 ONLY? I have 7 on a Dell, and it has SupportAssist. Is this version for Windows 7 safe?
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