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  1. If all they did was buy virtual currency with real currency, you answer No. If the did anything at all with it, you answer Yes. Then you have to find out if they sold, exchanged, mined, received it for doing something (I have one that watched videos and earned fractional coins), spent it on goods/services, etc.
  2. As far as I know, you're correct. Is your client a Schedule C?
  3. CCH's more powerful (expensive) version that will do the 8615 is ProSystem fx!!
  4. My DIL texted: With a NYS license you can buy anywhere in pa full size fireworks I think the closest from 84 area is just to take 84 all the way to the pa border. Huge firework places there
  5. My PA kids buy in PA. They're in Starlight, PA, and I think they go to Honesdale. Some strange PA law that you can sell fireworks, but only to out-of-staters? So, my son goes with a PA summer-home owner who has out-of-state license plates on his car. They live at The Inn at Starlight Lake and set off fireworks from the dock in the middle of Starlight Lake for their restaurant and Inn guests to enjoy. I'll check with them.
  6. I haven't used ATX in years, either. But at the very least, you can attach a .pdf. There's probably a "return notes" feature that allows you to enter your own freeform note that's transmitted with the return. Or, maybe one of the boilerplate "elections" is close to what you need, or can be edited to meet your needs. Or, a "list" that will appear behind the K-1 or whatever form, schedule, or line you want to explain. Poke around all the menus to see what can work for you. Check back on Friday when all the regulars will be around.
  7. That's how tired I am, reading too quickly. Sorry! The list of nontaxable grants is pretty short. Hopefully someone has a good link.
  8. NYS does NOT tax forgiven PPP loans. It will be something like Other Income - Nontaxable Income on the balance sheet and an M2 adjustment in the Other adjustments account for federal purposes. IIRC. I had only one s-corp with an EIDL grant and forgiven PPP loan, but that one is in CT only.
  9. Why not MFJ since your client is POA for spouse?
  10. Listen to Possi who has a lot of military clients.
  11. Tax Practice Pro has some current on-demand webinars. One by Kathy Morgan is on Superseding returns. https://taxpracticepro.teachable.com/
  12. I hate those that took a withdrawal from their IRA to pay their balance due and then, of course, find out the hard way what that does to their income and taxes year and want to withdraw from their IRA again until I have The Talk with them.
  13. You do get a lower interest rate with an installment agreement, or maybe it has to include direct debit to get the lower rate.
  14. My memory is fried, but wasn't there someone going for confirmation who owed taxes and gave the TurboTax defense that he didn't know he had to pay SE tax as an embassy employee?! Not that that helps you figure out how to make it work in your software.
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