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  1. The instructions say incurred OR paid: https://www.sba.gov/sites/default/files/2020-11/3508-Instructions-PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Instructions -508 - 11-30-20.pdf
  2. Was the 1040X processed? If not, wait. They are millions of paper returns behind.
  3. I think Notaries can perform marriages in some states, such as FL, or so I read once!
  4. Confirmations show on the computer app almost immediately. I receive more faxes than I send, and receive those fast, per the church and a few others who are faxing me. I just sent a fax from eFax to my stand-alone fax machine at 8:18+ pm and received it as the clock changed to 8:20 pm. At that time, it showed up in Sent on the computer app. My computer/eFax is on Optimum and my fax machine is Frontier; my email is Optimum/CCH SiteBuilder and viewed via Outlook. My email confirmation is also 8:20 pm.
  5. I think they were short on programming (were any football games cancelled due to Covid?) because they alternated the parade and dog show all day long!
  6. Me, too. When I changed techies and had my new guy advising on and setting up my new computer a year ago, he got rid of some things (BitDefender is one I remember) but kept CCleaner. This techie was recommended by another tax preparer; he works for tax preparers, accountants, and lawyers primarily, so I've trusted his suggestions re security.
  7. I pay the annual rate. I open eFax, Faxes, Sent Faxes, and see Completed with the date/time/# pages/etc. immediately. I don't send very many faxes and am happy with eFax. I do have it set to email me a copy of Sent faxes for convenience. I will admit, though, that I also have an old fax/all-in-one machine (gift from a client who upgraded) on an AT&T/Frontier line. When we moved to Optimum years ago, we kept one AT&T line for power outages. We could plug an old telephone into the AT&T jack when we lost power and our cable services (phone/internet/TV) from Optimum. That $11/mont
  8. I haven't bought or sold clients, but I'm in a few professional groups (and, obviously, professional message boards) and hear percentages more like 30+% of retention for 3 years, or maybe front-loaded at 40% in year 1 and 20% for the next 2/3, or even 20% for 4/5 years. I've also heard smaller percentages plus wages for the seller for 1 or 2 years to work at the new firm, or even rising percentages with wages, such as 20% year 1 30% year 2 40% year 3 to incentivize the seller to help with retention. And, I've heard of down-payments with lower percentages or fewer years. It can be a regional th
  9. There's a bill out there, but Congresspeople have been campaigning and now it's the holidays! The 3508 and 3508EZ and 3508S all reach the same conclusion for loans of less than $50,000 but you can take fewer steps with the EZ or S. And, the banks have their own portals which ask the questions in their own ways and ask for similar, but not identical, backup documents. If you have the time and want to make some money, you can help clients complete their forgiveness applications. Some banks are not accepting applications for the smaller loans, in hopes that Congress acts. (I just hope Congre
  10. Yes, but... Does her spouse agree with amending to MFJ? If not, then your client cannot file MFJ. If he does agree, you will need both sets of returns. And, both spouses need to sign the amendments. By the way, if she was married 31 December 2019, then her only legal 2019 filing statuses are MFS and MFJ -- and possibly HOH, if she qualified. Did you file her previous returns as HOH and S? When you sign an amended return, you are attesting to its contents. How long has this woman been your client? Be very careful with a client who filed HOH and amended to S and now wants to
  11. ProSystem fx will accept up to 11:59 pm EST on 21 November; however, they are recommending 9 pm as safer, especially if sending states, to get the acknowledgements back. I did manage to get my usual straggler e-filed 15 October this year. And, one who'd been postponing can't be reached since 1 November; so if she calls, she won't be e-filed until January.
  12. Our "kids" just put solar in this year, so are using it for their work-at-home laptops as well as everything else. They still lost power during CT's recent tornadoes and strong winds and rain after lots of rainy/cloudy days in a row. Laptop batteries and wood-burning stoves got them through until electricity and sunshine returned. Honestly don't know the details; communication has been texted videos of our grandson!
  13. I think APC is the standard. But we have so many tech-savvy posters that you'll get great advice.
  14. I haven't tried it out yet, but listen to Knox Wimberly on his webinar &/or email them a question. I found them very responsive. Knox does say Taxaroo will work with every software and even talks about importing/exporting, but don't know how that works or even if I heard that right. I like that my clients can text/phone/email/upload/download and video chat with me, without me using a dozen different devices, giving out a dozen contact numbers, looking in a dozen different places to find the answer they sent/document they sent. All in one place. But I can use a dozen different devices to ac
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