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  1. For my office copy all returns are printed to a pdf file. I don't keep paper either. All I'm wondering is the ATX file copy similar to Drake's filing copy?
  2. Isn't this the same as the ATX filing copy?
  3. Tom...as tax professionals we obviously see the negative side to raiding 401k's. With that said, I agree with Max on this one. Desperate times call for desperate measures and some folks would probably be considered desperate for sure. Some will raid it, just to raid it though. Foolish but not much we can do about that. My 401K is now a 201k but I have high hopes that it will get back to it's high at some point in the not to distant future.
  4. Extremely? I think any method has risk, some more than others. Not sure texting qualifies as extremely....but maybe it does. It's not a common method for me, but I have used it before.
  5. Save the picture of the text 8879 to your phone. Attach that picture to an email and email it to yourself. You can print from there. Some folks may be able to print from their phones?
  6. I haven't heard of any modifications to clients having to sign. Most of my clients print their 8879's, sign them and then either scan or text them to me. Like Lion, some use the mail slot. Next year it's all about E-signing.
  7. https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/news/2020/mar/irs-faqs-coronavirus-filing-payment-extension-july-15.html?utm_source=mnl:alerts&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=24Mar2020&utm_content=button
  8. When I prepare a clients return, I click the "Client letter to display "will be efiled"" box and provide them with a copy of the return to review. Checking this box instructs the client to print and sign the 8879 and return it to me. Once the signed 8879 returned, I then click the "Allow program to decide" box. Save the return, create the efile and transmit. Once the returns are accepted and when I go to print the clients file copy, I note that the Federal Client Letter continues to show the same verbiage as though the 8879's are still needed instead of reflecting that the return was successfully efiled? Shouldn't the program be intuitive enough to determine the return was efiled successfully and print that on the letter? Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  9. Judy...thanks for your candor. We're all in this together. This community, in many ways, is our extended "family" and we should be here for each other.
  10. It's a tough day today. Watching the vote over Stimulus 3. Difficult to watch this and very sorry for all we are going through.
  11. As Terry mentioned, Tenenz has 1" folders that I purchased specifically for ATX. https://www.tenenz.com/category/atx-compatible-slip-sheet-folders/132 https://www.tenenz.com/category/atx-compatible-expandable-slip-sheet-folders/136 <~~ 1 Inch
  12. Art they doing whats best for the American People?? https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/20/senate-coronavirus-emergency-stimulus-deal-friday-138788
  13. I'm in PA. I work from home. I have no clients who come to me, it's all done electronically. I have no plans to change my process.
  14. Looks like July 15 is the new date. https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/trump-administration-moves-tax-day-to-july-15
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