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  1. Thank you. How the heck did I miss that?
  2. Client had IRA mature at Bank A on 10/15/19. Client found a better rate at a different bank and had the mature funds distributed to her and then she deposited the amount into Bank B on 11/13/19, within the required 60 day period. Bank A issued a 2019 1099R coded as 7. Where/how on the ATX return do I show the rollover? Would appreciate any insight.
  3. I have been using it for two years now with about 70 clients subscribed to it. Of the 70, a fair number are senior citizens. Overall, my clients are very happy with it and find it easy to navigate. I've started to use this as my primary means of exchanging information with clients which has helped reduce paper. I also now post a copy of their successfully efiled return (client copy) to their portal for them to download and save which has significantly decreased the number of packets I have to mail. I'm very pleased with how it works. Hopefully CCH will continue to improve it.
  4. Does anyone remember Parsons Technology? I thought Parson's was purchased by ATX ultimately. Maybe I'm wrong.
  5. Mine is done automatically each year as a direct debit. I'm happy to donate.
  6. I have been using their portal and was going to subscribe to eSign. Maybe there won't be a need to sign-up for it? I hope that's the case.
  7. I never received a mailing but I did receive a phone call from my rep yesterday. I'm all set and renewed for next year.
  8. Does anyone know if you can export the planner to Excel? If you can, how? Thank you.
  9. Did the renewal come in the US Mail or was it emailed?
  10. MFJ client. Husband is a financial advisor and was recently laid-off from his job. He has decided to open his own firm and work out of his house. He is considering constructing a small home office suite and asked me what type of deductions could he take on the construction? I am not aware of any. I provided him with information on the home office deduction and reminded him of the need for the space to be used exclusively and regularly for that purpose. He has not filed any type of articles of incorporation. He would probably be a sole proprietor. Is there anything that I am missing about what he can deduct if he did construct an office? Is he entitled to anything besides potentially the home office deduction? Since we're on the topic, could he convert an extra bedroom into his home office?
  11. Just confirming, there is no way to sort Schedule B on ATX? I see the "Apply Sort to Form" button is gray. I think you just have to alpha sort before entering the information, is that correct? I know we were able to sort at one time.
  12. For my office copy all returns are printed to a pdf file. I don't keep paper either. All I'm wondering is the ATX file copy similar to Drake's filing copy?
  13. Isn't this the same as the ATX filing copy?
  14. Tom...as tax professionals we obviously see the negative side to raiding 401k's. With that said, I agree with Max on this one. Desperate times call for desperate measures and some folks would probably be considered desperate for sure. Some will raid it, just to raid it though. Foolish but not much we can do about that. My 401K is now a 201k but I have high hopes that it will get back to it's high at some point in the not to distant future.
  15. Extremely? I think any method has risk, some more than others. Not sure texting qualifies as extremely....but maybe it does. It's not a common method for me, but I have used it before.
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