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  1. MFJ client. Spouse reives Form 5498 with a rollover contribution amount of $307.10. Fair market value of $41,259. No other information is provided on the form. I do have a 1099R for the spouse from this brokerage firm for Gross and Taxable distribution of $14,159, but it's one she normally receives. How should I treat the rollover amount, if at all?
  2. It seems like there are two floating around. Very unfortunate.
  3. So...I let it rip...and came up empty!! I duplicated the returns as ATX instructed. I tried efiling a New Jersey recreated return and it transmitted. I was pleased. Then I checked the Ack...i.t was rejected with the following reason: Now I'm trying to find out if other files showing as transmitted have been received by three states. As long as they are received and accepted, even if ATX continues to show them as transmitted...so be it.
  4. In addition to my laser printer, I have a Lexmark CX410de all in one. This unit gives me the option to suppress printing and instead it sends a pdf to my email address. It's worked well for me. I am seeing less and less incoming faxes. They are few and far between these days.
  5. Randall...what do you mean by "rechanging" them? Recreating the State return within the file itself, without duplicating it?
  6. I'll let'em rip...Thanks. I did have a few that said Transmitted to Agency. Whats the worse that could happen???
  7. Mom deserves to be happy...especially with her tax preparer. All of my affected client had their federal returns accepted. It's just the states in limbo. I did see the blog comment and duplicated all of the returns this impacted. I also recreated the state efiles...I'm just hesitant to transmit them, since they are all showing as having already been transmitted.
  8. I have several State efile submissions that are stuck in "Transmitted to Agency or EFC" status. The Federal returns have all been accepted. Are these the files I need to duplicate and recreate, then resubmit?
  9. Has anyone dealt with clients who have purchased and sold Bitcoin? I recognize the sale resulting in a gain would warrant classification as a capital gain, just wondering if anyone has clients who have provided transaction history or any other type of statements? I was unable to find any clear-cut indication as to whether this information is reported to the IRS officially? Indeed, it appears barely anyone is paying taxes on their crypto-gains. For example, in 2015, only 802 Coinbase users told the IRS about bitcoin gains, despite the exchange having 2.9 million users in December of that year, according to Milne’s data. Any thoughts on this?
  10. Thanks very much for the info. Where can I find the note feature on ATX?
  11. While you prepare a return, does ATX provide a "note" feature, whereby you can enter comments or questions that you would like to ask the client?
  12. I appreciate everyone's input on this post.
  13. I've confirmed the company does have an office in Chicago. He worked within that office from 8/1/18 through 12/31/18.
  14. I will confirm and post my findings. I assume that IT203B would be used to allocate that 7months vs 5months? Thank you for chiming in.
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