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  1. Head of Household client has a disabled daughter who is greater than 24 and takes her as a dependent on her return. This is stipulated in the divorce decree. I don't believe the client qualifies for any type of ACTC, since the daughter does not qualify for the Child Tax Credit to begin with. Is my understanding correct?
  2. If the IRS was aware they would be incapable of handling the incoming calls to verify taxpayer identifications, why send the notice in the first place? They have to realize the potential angst this can cause individuals...maybe that isn't taken into consideration?? Certainly, the IRS may need more funding, they may deserve more funding. With that said, it's doesn't excuse them from poorly planned and implemented initiatives. I agree, Sara...notifying your representative in this case is a prudent move. They should be made aware of the issues their constituents are dealing with. Craz
  3. Yardley CPA


    There is an option to view Venmo Statements which contains all of your payment history, both payments made and payments received. It includes the, date, name of the individual making the payment along with whatever reason entered for the payment ie, "2020 Tax Return Payment". The statement option offers you the ability to download to a .csv file and contains years worth of information.
  4. Yardley CPA


    The responses for this post seems to have individuals on one side of the topic or the other...either for or against. There aren't too many in-between. I've never had an issue with Venmo. I choose to be private on the platform. No one can see who I pay or who pays me except for the person who I pay or the person who pays me. Obviously, Venmo sees the transaction and can use it for their internal needs, marketing etc. Once I receive payment on PayPal or Venmo, I transfer the balance to my bank account. Never, ever an issue. Today's younger clients want to pay via this platform or s
  5. I also heard from a client that she received her deposit from the IRS. Happy to know it is happening and a bit ahead of schedule.
  6. Yardley CPA


    Any time I've transferred my Venmo balance into my bank account, it's been successful everytime. Never an issue with Venmo or PayPal. My younger clients want that type of payment option...I'm happy to offer it.
  7. https://www.thetaxadviser.com/news/2021/may/president-biden-budget-contains-many-tax-proposals.html?utm_source=mnl:taxinsider&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=03Jun2021&SubscriberID=281755092&SendID=368664 President’s budget contains many tax proposals By Alistair M. Nevius, J.D. May 28, 2021 President Joe Biden’s administration unveiled its proposed budget for fiscal year 2022 on Friday. Treasury says the $6 trillion proposed budget focuses on infrastructure, clean energy, and research and development, and among its many provisions are a host of proposed tax c
  8. Yardley CPA


    I offer the Venmo and PayPal option to my clients. I would say around 35% are using it. I provide my email address as their link to pay me. I also believe you can send an OR Code or "Request Payment". I used the OR Code option once. Overall, it's worked well for me and is very efficient and easy to use. One caveat to keep in mind, if the client pays via a credit card Venmo and PayPal do take a fee, around 3%, to process the payment...at least they have for me. Anytime a client has paid via a direct debit option from their bank account, I have received the entire amount I invoiced.
  9. I've also had a few inquiries from clients who have yet to receive refunds. I have informed them the IRS is taking longer this year and also provided them with the link from the IRS website "Where is My Refund". In some case, I have also provided the IRS phone number and instructed the client to give a call if it made them feel better. It was a long season in so many ways.
  10. I have downloaded the Drake evaluation program and I agree with this comment that the forms option is not close to what ATX offers. And maybe it isn't meant to be, it's not a form based program essentially. With that said, I'm not a Drake user and I'm sure those who are love the product as evidenced by comments in this ATX forum. I prefer ATX.
  11. I've been reviewing Pro Series and I'm very impressed with what I've been exposed to so far. It has a similar feel and layout to ATX and it's program offers form based entry which I prefer. The package also provides access to a portal and advanced calculations as part of the base price. Their staff have been very receptive my questions. I highly recommend downloading the trial version and seeing if it fits your needs. Good luck.
  12. She is beautiful. Congratulations!
  13. Thanks very much. I'm not interested in Drake but appreciate the heads up.
  14. Hi, All...I am a long time customer of ATX. This year, I'm taking a look at Pro Series. I've completed my own return on the program and find it offers similar navigation and feature -- generally speaking -- as ATX. It has a more refined feel and seems to be user friendly. Pricing for 1040 Complete seems a bit high but it does offer a fair amount of options, including portal access. I would appreciate feedback from those currently using the program. What do you like, what do you not like as much? Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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