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  1. Thank you, Judy! I felt the same way, I have to file 2019 a F1065 and attach a disclosure to void penalty. It was a new company if the disclosure fails, then I may try first time abatement because it is a late to file case. Thank you again!
  2. Hi dear team here, I have a question: last year, there was an LLC owned by a couple, since they came late and I dont have enough information and it was pasted 03.15. So, I filed it as two schedule C for that LLC on husband and wife. Now, it seemed like it was a state registered LLC and then I filed 2020 extension for 2020. Should I file 8275 to submit myself to void the not filing penalty? The reason they came late because the previous account was very sick. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you! Kate
  3. Thank you so much, Mr. Tom and Mr. Mai! I started to get some idea now. I saw the software label the 3522 as year 2021. On the 568, when I click the payment (see above screen shot), it lead to 3522. I thought 2021 was not finish yet, how come it linked to 2020 568. Is that mean I am always pay advance? Just curious, can I claim refund if someday I close the business because that won't be used anymore? This is their first time to get penalty for late pay? Does CA offer first time forgiveness? The old CPA passed away last year, is that a good excuse? Thank you both so much again!
  4. Hi friends, Hope some one can help with this. CA LLC got notice for late paying tax. For 2020, the company had gross sales $623,967. on 03.14.2021 I filed CA 3537 with $800.00, efile success; then, I filed CA 3536 with payment of $2,500 on 05.02.2021 but was rejected; then, I filed CA 3522 with payment of $800 and CA 568 with payment of $1700 on 05.02.2021 and both were success. I was so confused on CA FTB 3536 and CA 3522, those forms seem like you use current year software to pay next year as estimated tax, so when should I claim those payments as credit? My understanding is: the CA charges LLC two type of tax, one is flat at $800.00, then based on sales volume they assess another LLC tax, both are based on currently filing year, so what CA 3536 and CA 3522 for? On 2020's CA 568, box 7, it says: The amount of FTB3522 FTB 3536, and FTB3537 were from my 2020 software or 2019 software? Thank you so much! Kate
  5. I used ATX for a few years, prior that, I tried so many different ones. I used TaxWise, Drake, TaxAct, OPL, Ultra Tax (currently still use in my day job), and took trial on Proseries. I am happy with ATX. It is easy to find spot to enter data in ATX and efile process is simple and clear. Yes, ATX has some customer service issue because they did not enough extended hours. (ATX is a little more expensive compare with others and even dont allow do 1099Q , they told me need to upgrade another version with extra payments which is not nice. ) You may try trial for all, and find the one you like the most.
  6. Hi Max, I have a questions, if I input income without enter from 1099NEC., am I going to get IRS notice for under reported income? I knew people do tax in their own custom ways, and not get a letter, but what is the right way? I think I would input the xxx-xx-xxxx into xx-xxxxxxx format to get it efiled. Thank you!
  7. Like all of you, we are trying as sweet as we can, but there are always people we dont like. Especially, relatives, soo hard, late and demands time and fees, how can I ask a fair fee from relative. I always wish they forget and I can put them on extension, but they wont, they pop up at last moment and say, it is easy..... so sad....
  8. Hi Mr. Tom, I am so grateful to receive this detailed and precise explanation. Yes, the letter comes with some figures already filled in, so, I think the county was trying to help. Yes, I saw they had a column supplies, what kind of supplies they were referring to? Are they referring to those smaller fixed assets which were write off in the same year through bonus depreciation and /or section 179? Because the bonus / section 179 expensed them in the same year, they wont carry any book value and sometimes people take out from balance sheet, the county want to assess on them, right? Thank you so much. Kate
  9. Yes, sir. The webpage was down so I didnot see your message. Can you help me with that so I can fill it correctly, the due date is very close from now? Thank you! Kate
  10. Hi dear friends here, Hope someone from CA can help with this. The Business Property Statement: Should only new added assets are subjected reporting or all owned business assets are subjected to report? Then, for subjected assets, should use FMV or its historic (original) cost? Any advice is appreciated.
  11. I like Mrs. Gail's solution. Our computer is so important, especially, if trying to go paperless. I will try to figure out how to do mirror and clouds back up as well. I am not very good at this, hope it is not too hard for me.
  12. I will think to form another, because they are two difference business lines anyway. It will get so confused because if you put into same tax id, then you will have same book, then you have to book sales as taxable and non taxable and report on the sales tax return. If they share same bank account, then later if you have sales tax audit, then you will have to prove the non taxable part. Why not get another EIN, and set up another payroll and open another bank account and keep them separate and clean.
  13. No, I dont think so. Is the FMV box greater?
  14. Thank you all friends, . I will try this time to see if I can resolve the problem.
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