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  1. Hi Mr. Tom, I am so grateful to receive this detailed and precise explanation. Yes, the letter comes with some figures already filled in, so, I think the county was trying to help. Yes, I saw they had a column supplies, what kind of supplies they were referring to? Are they referring to those smaller fixed assets which were write off in the same year through bonus depreciation and /or section 179? Because the bonus / section 179 expensed them in the same year, they wont carry any book value and sometimes people take out from balance sheet, the county want to assess on them, right
  2. Yes, sir. The webpage was down so I didnot see your message. Can you help me with that so I can fill it correctly, the due date is very close from now? Thank you! Kate
  3. Hi dear friends here, Hope someone from CA can help with this. The Business Property Statement: Should only new added assets are subjected reporting or all owned business assets are subjected to report? Then, for subjected assets, should use FMV or its historic (original) cost? Any advice is appreciated.
  4. I like Mrs. Gail's solution. Our computer is so important, especially, if trying to go paperless. I will try to figure out how to do mirror and clouds back up as well. I am not very good at this, hope it is not too hard for me.
  5. I will think to form another, because they are two difference business lines anyway. It will get so confused because if you put into same tax id, then you will have same book, then you have to book sales as taxable and non taxable and report on the sales tax return. If they share same bank account, then later if you have sales tax audit, then you will have to prove the non taxable part. Why not get another EIN, and set up another payroll and open another bank account and keep them separate and clean.
  6. No, I dont think so. Is the FMV box greater?
  7. Thank you all friends, . I will try this time to see if I can resolve the problem.
  8. Hi dear friends here Do you know how to deal with people's name is too big? One person's name is way too big. First name has two words, running out of space , then same happens to her last name. I was trying to make it short, then it got rejected as " does not match data base". I tried to enter exactly as social card, but never succeed. Another person, I do not have ITIN letter because ITIN was issued long time ago. How can I find out how his name was spelled in IRS? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you! Katherine
  9. Hi Marie, I think you can carry to future to use, because if he had enough tax liability, then he could use them all. So, he is the owner of the credits, he sold the house including the equipment, but since it was not new, the new owner cannot take it because it was not installed by the new owner. How do you think?
  10. Hi Ms. Judy, I felt so sad for you by going through this while your husband was not feeling well. Dont force yourself, we dont owe them anything, you are doing them a huge favor to take them, so they dont entitle to stress you out just because they paid you. Take care yourself and your husband first. Wish you feel better.
  11. But ATX allow to efile without adding it back now, that made me confused. IRS will adjust by themselves for early filed returns which had reported as income, NYS may do the same. For whom doesn't want to wait, is it practical that I may file it as it and let the state decide how much refund to give? Thank you
  12. Thank you! :). I checked the most recent 558 instruction, and it was not updated for the new code yet. Thank you for your suggestion, I think I will hold the returns till the software updated.
  13. Hi team! Good morning. I was a little confused on NY Unemployment benefit. From sources online, NY is not excluding the first $10,200 unemployment benefit from taxable income. But when I use ATX to prepare NY tax return, I saw the recomputed the fed AGI is the same as Fed AGI (NY IT 201 box 19 &19a), and the state adjustment start from there. To me, it seems like the return took the $10,200 exclusion as the Fed. Is my software or I should do some other manual work to fix it?
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