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    Partner in 15 person firm, specialties are Real Estate and Jewelry. Uses Lacerte.

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  1. Remember, shutting down cards can adversely affect your credit score because you are now using a greater percentage of available credit. Better to just keep it in a draw and use it every 5-6 months for a small charge to keep it active. BTW B of A is one of the easiest banks to get a line increase on and offers great -0- percentage offers. I put all my balances that build in the off season onto an interest free BoA card and pay it off each tax season. Never incur interest charges this way.
  2. is it possible he did a refi and this is closing costs and not an actual improvement?
  3. no problem with proseries or lacerte today
  4. Put $1 from your left pocket to your right pocket and now you are a paid preparer. Don't forget to declare the $1 income next year.
  5. You can't amend from joint to mfs. You can only amend going the other way
  6. about 1600 out of 2000 are on extension - we do too much real estate to deal with the aggregation rules and interest limitations that the software isn't handling correctly
  7. 2019-07 safe harbor election needs to be attached to the return
  8. why would the past matter? once it goes into the estate it gets a new basis based on market value and depreciation starts over. i would not do a 3115
  9. from a tax point of view, partnership distributions don't have to be equal as with an S corp
  10. HE CAN pay himself a management fee which gets deducted on E and picked up on C, or better yet on a S corp with payroll.
  11. 25 but you will have to paper file
  12. a while back, after much frustration i changed my Oxford insurance password to "thisisb*s*f*koxford" all spelled out. Well one day my secretary had to deal with them on an issue and they asked her for the password verbally. Boy was she embarrassed to say it over the phone.
  13. Haven't been able to print with proseries all season, they post the usual bs response that its our computers. Its a 32bit issue, I have 64 bit, so then its a 64bit issue but with a different fix than the 32bit fix they posted. You all know the drill, its your system, its your anti-virus, its another program causing it. Then they log into mine and say, wow you could run nasa with your equipment. Now finally 3/9 they state that they tracked the issue as a microsoft issue and microsoft will have an update 3/19. Luckily i have been able to print to pdf and then print. Bottom line, all software is having issues this year and customer service is just "cover out butts" service. By the way, even lacerte which i also use isn't calculating the 8990 which is holding up all of our real estate returns. I think we sent out about 50 of our 2000 returns. Biggest issue will be a very busy summer and lack of cash flow now.
  14. if not done in advance, i always get a cost seg in year of sale just to gain this rate spread.
  15. I WOULD split it and do the 3115, they come out ahead assuming max bracket. depr is deducted at ordinary rates and recaptured at cap gain rates.
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