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  1. I would have him call the receipients so they can file with the correct information. ie social security tax on the income. Although, today might be too late for them.
  2. you can always amend. the deadline for refunds is 3 years from filing due date.
  3. Or paper file this year and remember to call them next January to get them to send you the letter once its received for 2023.
  4. I just don't buy this story. If all the accountants refused to do these returns then they wouldn't even collect income taxes. its either BS or there is much more to this. Maybe he advised the CPA on how to avoid payroll taxes.
  5. michaelmars


    Looking for a recommendation for a firm that does ERC's
  6. NY mandates you do it through there website. NO paper or efile allowed
  7. Many times you get 1099R's showing taxable when its a rollover. If you take the check and move it yourself within the time frame, the payor has no way of knowing you are rolling it over. I just file showing it as a rollover and have a copy of the timely deposit into another brokers account on file in case a notice gets issued. I have never had a problem with this after sending a copy of the recipient statement.
  8. Sure, i 'll let them know that you told me to do so (s).
  9. 3rd! I leave a few of my favorites out on my shelf so clients know what to get me for gifts. Recent client asked about selling his house [abt 10 min discussion] He sent me a gift pack of 4 Johnney Walker bottles.
  10. I have about 6 shots left in my bottle of Macallan 18 year old scotch. and a new bottle of 12 year. Do I share the 18 with my staff or drink it all and give them from the 12 year old bottle?
  11. I am dealing with a similar situation 1 dies 12/22 and one dies 1/23.
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