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  1. taxxcpa

    Your fee

    Usually I get stuck and they ceased being clients
  2. taxxcpa

    Renewing this month?

    Once I was driving in NYC and came to a street where the cars blocking me had the right of way. I stopped and waited but cars kept coming. Finally I decided to risk everything and try to cross. The cars all stopped and I got through. I got to a hotel in Brooklyn that had a parking lot and stayed there--took the subway everywhere I had ti go from then on.
  3. taxxcpa

    Good News!

    The only member of the RURAL family I ever had any respect for was Lord Louis Mountbatten
  4. taxxcpa

    advice on $15 payment for $848 bill?!

    Yes I got a check from the county treasurer which the people I sued paid to the county. I started to sue a non-paying client once. I had my daughter, who is an attorney, send them a letter, but decided it would be more trouble than it was worth to go to court with them.
  5. taxxcpa

    advice on $15 payment for $848 bill?!

    I sued an uninsured motorist in small claims court and won the case
  6. taxxcpa

    Jobs Tax Cut

    To simplify taxes make it a one page document
  7. taxxcpa

    Equifax Hack

    I bought 2 puts on EFX this morning and now have a 710.52% profit. Went from 48ยข to $4.50. EFX Sep 15 '17 $105 Put Opn/Cls 4.50 4.20 1,400.00% $788.96 2 $0.48 $788.96 710.52% $900.00
  8. taxxcpa

    Extraordinary Savings......

    When I was in the Air Force there was a base regulation about how to hang toilet paper. I was to roll over the top.
  9. taxxcpa

    Equifax Hack

    Sell EFX short.
  10. If it weren't for those ethics courses I would lie, cheat and steal--and claim an EIC on every return. But after taking ethics courses, I now know that isn't ethical
  11. taxxcpa

    New Scam targeting Preparers

    Anyone who would provide all that information deserves what they get
  12. taxxcpa

    PTIN Fees

    Taxable but will they send a 1099?
  13. taxxcpa

    Selling Business

    I retired at age 83 since I didn't want to die with lot of unfinished returns. Now I sometimes miss it, but don't have to keep up with all of the changing rules. Besides, my brain might deteriorate.
  14. taxxcpa


    Once someone asked me how much I charged. I gave him an estimate and he said "That's pretty steep. Last year I only paid $15." I recommended that he stick to that highly qualified tax preparer.